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Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands to Support In India




The desire for beauty products within the cosmetic industry continues to surge with each passing day, leading to significant growth in the Indian cosmetic sector in recent years. Amid this expansion, numerous indigenous Indian cosmetic brands have emerged, introducing innovation and diversity to consumers. Today, cosmetics aren’t solely tailored for women, as brands increasingly develop products catering to men’s needs as well. These Indian brands, crafted domestically, are garnering attention amidst established counterparts due to their emphasis on trending makeup, clean beauty skincare, inclusivity for Indian skin tones, and affordability. India, renowned for its abundant natural resources, boasts several locally cultivated skincare brands that prioritize sustainability.

Earth Rhythm

Earth Rhythm integrates Ayurvedic principles into its products. The brand adheres to a zero-waste philosophy, opting for bioplastic packaging and recyclable glass bottles and jars to minimize plastic usage and promote recycling. Their manufacturing methods prioritize energy efficiency, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact. Moreover, Earth Rhythm offers zero-waste product accessories like reusable cotton swabs and toothbrushes, facilitating environmentally conscious beauty routines. Take advantage of the current promotions on their website, and utilize Earth Rhythm Coupon Codes for additional discounts on your Ayurveda-infused makeup kit, enhancing your beauty regimen sustainably.

Forest Essentials

The opulent skincare items draw inspiration from ancient Ayurvedic literature. They prioritize sustainable practices in both sourcing and packaging, opting for materials like glass and biodegradable containers. Utilizing plant-based ingredients and extracts, they achieve a harmonious blend of enhancing skin’s natural radiance while also championing environmental preservation. Beyond being cruelty-free, the brand establishes partnerships with local farmers committed to eco-friendly cultivation methods and efficient waste disposal.


Mamaearth showcases a range of top-selling baby and cosmetic products that prioritize safety and purity. These items are infused with natural goodness and are devoid of harmful substances such as parabens and sulfates. Mamaearth actively supports plastic recycling initiatives, aiming to mitigate global warming and curb pollution. By promoting resource conservation and energy efficiency, it contributes to reducing the amount of waste destined for landfills. Additionally, with every purchase made on the Mamaearth website, a tree is planted, fostering environmental sustainability.

Pahadi Local

Pahadi Local introduces the wonders of the Himalayas through its exquisite range of beauty products. Inspired by the traditional recipes of mountain dwellers, the brand was conceived with a focus on harnessing healing ingredients. Emphasizing sustainability, the brand meticulously minimizes its carbon footprint throughout the sourcing and extraction phases. Local communities employ a method of filtering oils using muslin cloth, guaranteeing the utmost purity in every product.

Kama Ayurveda

This brand’s treatment has been created in partnership with the Ayurvedic Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, a longstanding institution located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Their offerings exclude artificial colors, parabens, petrochemicals, fragrances, and cruelty. Additionally, they contribute to forest communities and small-scale farmers by using locally sourced ingredients. Their product line includes the Rose Jasmine facial cleanser, face mists crafted from lavender water and mogra water, and the Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment, ideal for dry and damaged hair.


Khadi Naturals stands out as India’s pioneer in eco-conscious beauty. It champions natural beauty for all ages, shunning harmful chemicals, synthetic scents, and animal testing. Their diverse product line caters to skin, hair, and body needs. Embrace a chemical-free skincare routine with their Neem Soap, offering a natural cleanse.


Ancient Ayurvedic knowledge merges seamlessly with modern science to craft pure and organic beauty solutions. Embracing sustainable farming methods and eco-conscious packaging, they prioritize environmental stewardship. Their commitment extends to cruelty-free practices and the exclusion of harmful chemicals in their natural formulations. Harvested, blended, and crafted amidst the pristine backdrop of the Himalayas, these products embody the essence of nature’s purity. Conveniently accessible through online platforms like Nykaa, which offers a diverse array of cosmetic brands, utilize Nykaa Coupons to unlock fantastic deals on quality products and exceptional service.

Lotus Botanicals

Lotus Botanicals specializes in crafting personal care items spanning skincare, haircare, and makeup, all crafted to be both pure and balanced, drawing from botanical ingredients. Ensuring safety and integrity, our products are certified and never tested on animals. We harness the potency of ethically sourced plant botanical extracts. Every item in our collection is non-comedogenic and pH balanced, with a commitment to excluding harmful additives such as parabens, mineral oil, silicones, and sulfates. Additionally, our packaging is either crafted from recycled materials or bears the FSC certification, reflecting our dedication to sustainability.


Plum is a brand focused on vegan skincare, specializing in environmentally friendly beauty solutions. Their product line includes cruelty-free skincare, makeup, haircare, and body care items formulated with a blend of natural ingredients and scientifically proven techniques to provide effective results. As a Peta Certified Brand, Plum exclusively utilizes thoroughly researched natural and active ingredients. They prioritize sustainability and operate a recycling program. Additionally, their packaging materials, such as bags and pouches, are derived from plants and are free from any animal-derived ingredients.


SoulTree’s appeal extends beyond its attractive packaging, as it prioritizes ethical ingredients in its popular products. Drawing inspiration from Ayurveda, SoulTree integrates its principles and teachings into its offerings. Notably, SoulTree holds the distinction of being India’s pioneer in selling natural skincare and makeup products endorsed by European standards. Their range encompasses natural and Ayurvedic beauty solutions, designed to enhance skin health. Founded with a commitment to sustainability, the brand also endeavors to support women farmers in Uttarakhand.


These brands advocate for the idea of “slow beauty,” emphasizing the use of conscientiously sourced, high-quality ingredients. In today’s world, eco-friendly beauty brands are experiencing a surge in popularity, driven by a growing awareness of environmental impact. These brands prioritize ethical sourcing and the principles of slow beauty, resonating with consumers who seek products crafted with care and sustainability in mind. Moreover, utilizing Cashaly for your purchases can lead to additional savings on your eco-conscious buys.

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Net Worth

MrBeast Net Worth 2024: YouTube and Online Streams Income





As of 2024, MrBeast, the American YouTuber and online personality, is estimated to have a net worth of $120 million. He stands among the most widely recognized YouTubers globally.

As of 2024, MrBeast, the renowned American YouTuber and online personality, boasts an estimated net worth of $120 million. Known for his extraordinary success in a concise span, Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, has established himself as a prominent figure in internet entertainment, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.

At just 24 years old, Jimmy has achieved unprecedented milestones, placing him among the most famous and successful YouTubers of all time. His primary YouTube channel alone boasts over 163 million subscribers, contributing to his total subscriber count of approximately 200 million across various channels in multiple languages.

MrBeast is celebrated for pioneering the genre of high-budget stunts on YouTube and creating diverse content encompassing comedy, gaming, and entertainment. Recognized as one of the top 10 Richest YouTubers in 2023, Jimmy Donaldson has garnered numerous accolades and honours for his impactful contributions to online media.

NameJimmy Donaldson
Net Worth (2024)$120 Million
ProfessionYouTuber, internet personality, businessman
Monthly Income$1 Million +
Yearly Income$12 Million +
Years active2012–present
Last Updated2024
mr beast monthly income in rupees

MrBeast Net Worth

MrBeast, a prominent figure on YouTube and the internet, is synonymous with Jimmy Donaldson, who manages the channel. Starting his YouTube journey in 2012 with gaming and content related to other YouTubers’ wealth, he initially gained modest attention. However, his breakthrough came in 2017, propelling him to fame and success. Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast, boasts an impressive net worth estimated at $120 million. For comparison, you can also look up TimTheTatman’s net worth.

mrbeast monthly income in rupees

MrBeast YouTube Stats

MrBeast generates substantial revenue from advertisements shown on his YouTube videos. According to Social Blade, his main channel earns an estimated $126,000 to $2 million monthly. Additionally, he manages six other channels with large subscriber bases, further boosting his ad earnings.

MrBeast Assets

MrBeast, the American YouTuber, resides in the United States and is known for his substantial wealth and extensive property holdings. His residences span various locations, including Kansas, Georgia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York, as he frequently relocates in pursuit of compelling content.

In addition to his impressive real estate portfolio, MrBeast boasts a diverse and luxurious collection of cars. His fleet features prestigious brands such as Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, and Ford, often spotted cruising around town in his prized vehicles. For more on similar figures, explore Logan Paul’s Net Worth.

mr beast net worth in rupees

MrBeast YouTube Subscribers

  • First 1000 subscribers: April 14, 2014
  • First 5,000 subscribers: August 11, 2015
  • First 10,000 subscribers: October 28, 2015
  • First 50,000 subscribers: June 11, 2016
  • First 100,000 subscribers: July 8, 2016
  • First 1 million subscribers: May 6, 2017
  • First 5 million subscribers: May 29, 2018
  • First 10 million subscribers: November 6, 2018
  • First 20 million subscribers: June 8, 2019
  • First 30 million subscribers: February 14, 2020
  • First 40 million subscribers: August 5, 2020
  • First 50 million subscribers: January 3, 2021
  • First 60 million subscribers: April 18, 2021
  • 67.4 million subscribers: Sep 1, 2021
  • 93.6 million subscribers: April, 2022
  • 97.4 million subscribers: June, 2022
  • 105 Million Subscribers: Sept 2022
  • 123 Million Subscribers: Dec 2022
  • 151 Million Subscribers: May 2023
  • 163 Million Subscribers: June 2023
  • 217 Million Subscribers: Dec 2023
mrbeast net worth in rupees

MrBeast All YouTue Channels

  • Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast, manages six YouTube channels:
  • MrBeast (217 million subscribers)
  • Beast Philanthropy (8.09 million subscribers)
  • MrBeast Gaming (26.8 million subscribers)
  • MrBeast Shorts (13 million subscribers)
  • Beast Reacts (16.7 million subscribers)
  • MrBeast 2 (5.79 million subscribers)

MrBeast Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)
MrBeast Net Worth in 2024$120 Million
MrBeast Net Worth in 2023$108 Million
MrBeast Net Worth in 2022$96 Million
MrBeast Net Worth in 2021$84 Million
MrBeast Net Worth in 2020$74 Million
MrBeast Net Worth in 2019$64 Million

MrBeast Biography

Jimmy Donaldson, widely known as MrBeast, is a highly successful public figure recognized globally. Born on May 7, 1998, in Kansas, United States, Jimmy has kept much of his early life private. However, it is known that he grew up in North Carolina alongside his brother, completing his high school education at a private school there. Although he briefly attended college, he left after the first year. Jimmy has also faced challenges with Crohn’s Disease but appears to be managing well these days.
In 2012, Jimmy launched his YouTube channel, starting at a young age but quickly gaining immense popularity.

mrbeast net worth in crores
Real Name:Jimmy Donaldson
Celebrated Name:MrBeast
Birth Place:Wichita, Kansas, United States
Date Of Birth:7 May 1998
Age:26 years old
Height:In Centimetres – 189 cm
In Feet and Inches – 6’2”
Weight:In Kilograms – 82 kg
In Pounds – 180 lbs
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Blonde
Parents Name:Father – N/A
Mother – N/A
School:Greenville Christian Academy
College:East Carolina University
Social media Accounts:TwitterInstagramYouTube, and Facebook
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:In a relationship
Girlfriend:Maddy Spidell
Wife/Spouse Name:No
Kids/Children Name:No
Profession:YouTuber, internet personality, businessman, philanthropist
Net Worth:$120 million
Last Updated:2024
mr beast net worth in rupees

MrBeast: Career and Awards

MrBeast is a household name in America. He reigns as the top YouTube personality across all his channels, with a staggering 200 million subscribers. His main channel alone boasts approximately 163 million subscribers, securing his position as the country’s second most subscribed individual channel.
His journey began at just 13 years old, and he swiftly gained popularity through videos centered around fellow YouTubers and gaming. In 2017, a high-budget stunt video catapulted him to widespread fame, drawing in thousands of new subscribers and skyrocketing his views.
Beyond his online success, MrBeast is renowned for his philanthropic endeavours, notably organizing fundraising efforts for causes like tree planting and ocean conservation. His charitable work, alongside numerous other projects, underscores his impact beyond YouTube. MrBeast’s achievements have earned him multiple awards, including Streamy Awards, the 12th Annual Shorty Awards, and Kids’ Choice Awards, cementing his status as a prominent figure in digital media.


MrBeast has completed his high school studies at Greenville Christian Academy. He started working as a YouTuber when he was in school. Later, he went to East Carolina University but dropped out from there very soon. His career in YouTube and the internet peaked in 2017.


MrBeast is an extraordinary American YouTuber who has achieved tremendous success and fame throughout his career. Jimmy Donaldson, who initially launched his YouTube channel under his name, quickly became MrBeast.
He swiftly became the most subscribed YouTuber in America and the second most subscribed globally. Known for his expertise in elaborate stunts, gaming, entertainment, and diverse content genres, MrBeast has become an icon with a massive global following. His philanthropic endeavours and other positive contributions bolster his reputation, contributing to his widely admired public image.


What is the net worth of MrBeast?

MrBeast’s total net worth is around $120 Million.

How much Does MrBeast earn a Year?

MrBeast earns an estimated salary of $12 Million + Per Year.

What are the monthly earnings of MrBeast?

MrBeast earns $1 million per month.

How does Mr. Beast make money?

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has several income streams: YouTube, Sponsorships, MrBeast Burger Candy and merchandise

How did Mr. Beast get so rich?

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has amassed a significant fortune primarily through his YouTube channel.

How does MrBeast spend his money?

MrBeast is known for his extravagant lifestyle and generosity. He has spent money on expensive cars, houses, and clothes.

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