Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK v17.51 Latest Version (Official) AUGUST 2023 [Anti-Ban]

You can now download this GB WhatsApp Pro here. You will learn how to use this mod’s features and set up the manual in this article, making it easier to download and less burdensome. Study the complete post to learn more about GBWhatsApp Pro APK. A modified version of WhatsApp is called GB WhatsApp Pro.

Due to its many outstanding features, such as the ability to extend the introduction of WhatsApp Pro and preserve any statuses of your contacts inside the gallery, it is regarded as one of the satisfying alternatives to WhatsApp Plus. Avoid letting the monotony cause a pause in your WhatsApp messaging! Today, download the GBWhatsApp Pro 2023 APK to use its wealth of features and pre-installed themes.

How would you use your preferred instant messaging app, WhatsApp, a fully customized multi-colour theme, or a completely white interface? Naturally, you’d choose GB WhatsApp Pro, the new version of WhatsApp that was released after GB WhatsApp’s services were discontinued.

WhatsApp is unique; it’s not just a common chat app for sending messages. According to Forbes, this network sends more than 69 million messages every minute. The intelligent interface, privacy, security, personalization, and automation are significant factors. While it’s true that we can’t see these things in the official version of 2023, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t possible. Such services are indeed available within GBWhatsApp.

All users may use WhatsApp Apk free version, which uses the same messaging infrastructure as the paid version. GBWA Pro for Android would be your go-to tweaker if you’re a personalization freak and enjoy making humorous changes to the identical instant messaging interface.

Reading the guide below, you may better understand the app and how to install it on your phone. Additionally, Yo WhatsAppFM WhatsAppWhatsApp Plus, and OG WhatsApp all share functionality with this customized version of WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK
GBWhatsApp Pro APK

What is GB WhatsApp Pro APK?

Millions of users of WhatsApp’s official instant messaging app were shown a lovely method by the most intense emergence of dullness, Modification. When WhatsApp recently made its server and resource codes public in 2016, many third-party developers produced alternative versions of WhatsApp. You must have recently heard about GBWhatsApp is it true?

According to statistics from January 2022, WhatsApp had 2 billion total online users, was the top-ranked protocol, and had more than 40% of the market share of its closest rival, WeChat. But if we’re talking about MOD, Omar Was, a clever programmer, created the original version of GB WhatsApp.

He is the same person who launched the and the WhatsApp modification process. But harshly, the WhatsApp team’s efforts to exploit Mods brought down GB WhatsApp’s servers.

You can continue using WhatsApp while sipping your tea or upgrade to GB WhatsApp Pro, a new version of WhatsApp. One of the WhatsApp mods grants you access to all of the most coveted in-WhatsApp privileges that are never available from the official servers. This Pro would be more helpful if you were madly in love with this mod and could still recall the best hours you spent there! This mod gives users a top-notch chatting experience with many cool and unique features. These features, unavailable inside the original app, let you hide or freeze the last seen, customize your screen, and access a few other privacy options.

Why GBWhatsApp Pro 2023?

Forbes claims India has the highest WhatsApp usage, with 390.1 million users being monitored in jan 2020. India is the most creative nation, so this and many other compelling arguments will persuade you to download and set up GBWA Pro. If there are any such things as Appgasm or Chatgasm, using GB WhatsApp is the only way to experience them.

In the online app markets for GB, there are many competitors, including WhatsApp. However, all the features listed below that you can dream about with an open mind would make you shade to use the GB WhatsApp Pro instead of Simple WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Pro Vs. WhatsApp Official

The official WhatsApp apk, created by Meta, and GBWhatsApp Pro, created by a third-party developer, have countless differences. Your inner instant messenger would be shocked by all the differences, though, as you only add a few new features.

FeatureGBWhatsApp ProWhatsApp
Direct Message
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes Store
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Security Lock
Download Status
Status Length255139
Bulk Message
Icon Change
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
Second Tick
Typing Status
DND Mode
Emoji Variants
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Send Images in Full Resolution
GBWhatsApp Pro

Features of GBWhatsApp Pro

We have now covered all the key features in the GBWhatsApp Pro user interface. They aren’t, however, the only amazing features in this Mod; there are plenty more magical moments in store for you, some of which are listed below:

  • Customization
  • DND Mode
  • WhatsApp Logs
  • Auto Reply
  • Message Scheduler
  • WhatsApp Lock
  • Privacy Enhancing
  • No Need To Save Numbers
  • Download Status Videos
  • Convenient Dark Mode
  • In-Chat Translator
  • Direct Contact Link
  • Always Online
  • Handy Chat Backup
  • Ultimate Themes
  • Hide Media From Gallery
  • Use Two WhatsApp Accounts


With thousands of pre-designed themes and hundreds of free customization options, GBWhatsApp Pro caters to all the customization nerds looking for new ways to customize the timeless look of WhatsApp Messaging.

DND Mode

DND Mode This function of your soon-to-be favorite WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Pro, would be one you would love to use. You can directly turn off the internet for WhatsApp and stop receiving notifications for the required time.

WhatsApp Logs

Whatsapp Pro Logs in GB Because GBWhatsApp Pro’s WhatsApp logs will give you complete information, such as when one of your contacts with the last four numbers (XXXX) changed their username, picture, or biography, you won’t need to track or stalk any WhatsApp profiles any longer.

Auto Reply

GBWhatsApp Pro Auto Reply The future AI-based world is giving a lot of attention to auto reply automation, so this older version enables you to automate all of your messaging using the practical auto-reply settings.

Message Scheduler

It is now possible to schedule messages for occasions, birthdays, management, and business days. GBWhatsApp Pro lets you schedule messages, so you don’t have to remember specific dates.

WhatsApp Lock

Additionally, this Mod has an integrated app lock feature that allows you to select between Pattern, PIN, or Fingerprint security measures by simply touching the WhatsApp text in the top-left corner.

Enhancing Privacy

If you enable these privacy features in the GB Settings menu, you can feel completely private and confidential because no one can see your online status, blue ticks, double ticks, status is seen, name, or anything else. It’s a practical privilege, and we’d also create a how-to manual for turning on these privacy features.

No Need To Save Numbers

GBWhatsApp Pro allows you to send messages to a number without adding it to your phonebook if you’ve grown tired of adding new numbers each time you want to message them on WhatsApp. Make life easier!

Download Status Videos

Are you tired of constantly asking your friends for the video they posted on their status? There’s no need to worry because this Pro Mod old version lets you download any contact’s status, whether an image, a video, or a caption (by copying the caption).

Convenient Dark Mode

We used the word ‘Convenient’ above with Dark Mode because GBWhatsApp Pro only requires you to click an icon on the home screen to switch the app’s interface from light mode to dark mode or vice versa.

One of the unique features of a WhatsApp is the in-chat translator. Any message you receive written in a language you don’t understand can be translated into your native tongue by hovering over it and selecting the three-dot button.

Direct Contact Link

After arriving at each contact page, you can copy and send the contact API link to any contact. Use this direct contact link just once to be amazed by GBWhatsApp Pro and stop creating elaborate processes for sending contact information.

Always Online

You can use the Always Online feature if you have business clients or other people you want to get all the messages from. Once enabled, your contacts will always see you online on WhatsApp, whether you’re hanging out with friends or working.

When you are on GBWhatsApp Pro, you don’t need Google, mail, or any other service to back up your crucial chats. Click the straightforward Backup button to create a backup of your File Manager and then quickly restore it from the exact location.

Ultimate Themes

GBWhatsApp Pro offers a broad selection of themes they created. Additionally, you can create your themes using the customization options and save them for casual chat.

Hide Media From Gallery

Have some private photos and videos on WhatsApp and want to keep them all hidden from the gallery on your phone? Using this straightforward Mod and the Hide Media from Gallery add-on service makes it possible.

The final aspect of our discussion is the ability to use two different WhatsApp accounts from your smartphone, one on the original WhatsApp and the other on the GBWhatsApp Pro.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version

The moment you were all anticipating arrived quickly! We have fully experienced the amazingness that GBWhatsApp Pro offers virtually, and it is now time to download the app to experience its user interface in person.

Although GBWhatsApp Pro is the latest version of the original WhatsApp app, you don’t need to modify your phone to use it. It’s a tidy app that works on any phone, whether or not it has root access, a Snapdragon processor, or a high-end version!

Click the download above page link to the official GBWhatsApp Pro download page without being bombarded with pointless advertisement pages. Download it from there, then easily install it by following the instructions below:

What’s New in v17.45


Why is GB WhatsApp Pro Not Installing?

Several issues may prevent the GBWhatsApp Pro version installation. It could be a storage issue, network issue, corrupted app package file issue, or any other internal Android device issue.

But after using or testing this app on so many different smartphone configurations, we discovered some key indicators you should watch out for to fix the installation issue.


Reason 1: The first likely explanation is that your phone needs more storage space. Simply uninstalling the unnecessary apps, clearing the cache, and deleting outdated photos or videos will solve this problem.

Reason 2: After resolving the storage issue, you should check your internet connection. The router users frequently use to download GBWhatsApp Pro has low speed, leading to corrupted file downloads. Always download these app bundles from a reliable, fast network provider.

Reason 3: If GBWhatsApp still doesn’t install on your phone, see if your smartphone has the Unknown Sources feature enabled. To access unknown resources, go to Settings > Security. Just allow it if it isn’t already.

How to Install GB WhatsApp Pro APK on Smartphone

You currently have a thorough understanding of GBWhatsApp Pro and the APK package file needed to install it on your smartphone. It’s time to end it on a happy note with the most straightforward installation process, which goes through the first step below.

  • First, download the APK package file from the above link if you didn’t download it yet. Skip if already been downloaded!
  • After downloading it, return to your smartphone’s homepage and open the Settings app.
  • In the Settings app, navigate to the Security tab or Privacy Protection if you use a Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Afterwards, you would glimpse a list of settings in front of you.
  • Click and enable the Unknown Sources or Third Party Installation toggle among all those settings. For Xiaomi phones, you need to find and click Special Permissions, and inside there, search for Install Unknown apps.
  • Hit and enable the Unknown Sources tab. Or, for Xiaomi phones, click Install Unknown Apps and choose your File Manager app to allow the app installation.
  • Finally, you can install your favourite WhatsApp on your device. Return to the homepage and open any official or third-party File Manager app.
  • Jump to the location where you recently downloaded the APK.
  • Finally, tap the icon or name and the Install button on the following notification prompt.
  • Please wait a few moments until you see the installation process completed and run it ASAP.
  • That’s it! You’ve successfully installed the modified WhatsApp on your device, and you’re ready to go with all the features listed above with a fully personalized app interface. Time to fall for it!

How to Update GBWhatsApp Pro v17.51 apk Instantly

What if I said updating GBWhatsApp Pro was even simpler than updating the WhatsApp app? Yes, you heard that exactly right, and we’ll show you how by following the instructions below.

  • Download the above-linked APK file, as it’s the most recent version ever developed for this app.
  • In the future, whenever you’d have to make future updates to this app, Open the App.
  • Now, tap the three-dot icon at the top-right corner and open GB Settings.
  • Finally, you’d see an Update button on the GB Settings menu. Tap it ASAP!
  • Now, tap on the Check for Updates button. This button would show you if there is any update above your installed version or would deliver a message, “You have the latest update!”
  • If this won’t work for you, you can return to our webpage,, anytime and download the latest version from the download page.

How to Pro apk download For Windows PC

The software comes with an.exe file when used on a PC, but now, GBWhatsApp Pro developers have only created an APK file compatible with Smartphones. However, if you use a PC and are browsing websites for the same thing, you can use the straightforward process to download and install an Android emulator.

This emulator will assist you as much as possible and embed a full-featured version of GBWhatsApp Pro on your computer. Be practical, conserve your time, and complete the steps to install GBWhatsApp Pro on your PC as soon as possible.

  • As we mentioned above, you need an Android emulator. Click here and download the most renowned, Bluestacks emulator for your PC.
  • After downloading the .exe file of Bluestacks, right-click on it, and run it as an administrator.
  • You’d now glimpse a Bluestacks window opened with an option, Install Now. Click it ASAP!
  • Bluestacks would now initialize downloading all the important resource files to work as an Android Emulator. Wait for the downloading procedure.
  • After completing the download procedure, the Bluestacks app will get restarted with a perfect interface, as you see on your smartphone.
  • Tap on System Apps and Open Google Chrome.
  • Search the Google Chrome app on the Bluestacks window, run it, and inscribe the web link.
  • Now, get to the website’s download section, and it’d provide you a link to get redirected to the official download page of GBWhatsApp Pro. Download the app package ASAP.
  • After downloading it, you’d get prompted by the installation window as you get on your smartphone.
  • Click the Install button and await the success message to Open GBWhatsApp Pro.
  • Verify your WhatsApp number and choose to restore the backup if you have made any before.

GBWhatsApp Pro

GBWhatsApp Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

How many WhatsApp Mods can I use on a single device?

Currently, there are more than a hundred WhatsApp mods available online. You can only verify two WhatsApp Mods if you have a dual-sim Android smartphone with just two total SIM cards. But, you are only allowed to use one WhatsApp per Mod. Technically speaking, you can install as many copies of WhatsApp as you want on a single device.

Is GBWhatsApp Pro available for iPhone?

No, GBWhatsApp Pro isn’t yet accessible on iOS mobile phones, and you can only use it now on Android gadgets. You might receive an iOS update soon, but until then, you should avoid visiting websites that constantly ping you with malicious updates disguised as iOS. In addition, devoted GBWA fans can use it on their Android smartphones.

Is GBWhatsApp Pro safe to install on Android phones?

Yes, GB. We have repeatedly tested WhatsApp on various smartphone configurations, and it is a secure version of Simple WhatsApp. Although it has no bugs or viruses, you should try using a temporary or unimportant account first to avoid getting banned. It’s riskier to stake the official account at first because it’s a third-party WhatsApp version.

Can GB WhatsApp Pro be banned?

However, GBWhatsApp Pro has anti-ban scripts that will save your account from WhatsApp’s servers so it won’t be suspended. However, it would help if you continued to prioritize the security of your account because it is irresponsible to risk WhatsApp access for a few features. Additionally, you can use the version to try a new WhatsApp.

Is it possible to install GBWhatsApp Pro without verification?

The answer is yes if referring to the Google Play Protection protocol. Simply installing the GBWhatsApp Pro APK on your phone will allow you to use it without being blocked by Play Protection. You can also turn off Google Play Protection through the internal settings of the Google Play Store if you’re encountering installation errors due to it.

Why is GBWhatsApp Pro not on Google Play Store?

One of the well-known official software stores, Google Play Store, has many terms and conditions for users and developers. GBWhatsApp pro offers us officially prohibited features; it is not available on the Google Play Store. This is because WhatsApp violates some Play Store rules. The only reason is that.


We’re giving you GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download, the most addictive thing ever created in the instant messaging era. The version has no restrictions and is full of privileges, customization options, privacy options, and other features. With this great modification, you can eliminate all your restrictions on the WhatsApp interface and begin messaging like a pro.

If you’re concerned about your safety, GBWhatsApp Pro APK has clarified that point. Adding this mod can hide your last-seen messages from your contacts and your online status. However, even when the informing application is closed, you can still establish your reputation online.