OGWhatsApp APK Download Latest (Updated) Official Anti-Ban 2023

WhatsApp, created by third-party creators, is not the official application of any creator. It is one of the best applications for sharing graphics, videos, status messages, and other information with friends. OGWhatsApp is a variant of WhatsApp, and you’ll get clean text communications and a trusted messaging source.

OG WhatsApp in 2023: Are you guys sick of trying to find a WhatsApp mod that won’t get our accounts banned? Your search is over because this is what you were looking for. Have you ever heard of OGWhatsApp APK? If you haven’t heard of the latest version of OGWhatsApp, a widely used alternative to the official Whatsapp app, you should read this article.

OGWhatsApp, also called OG WhatsApp APK, is a further modified version of WhatsApp. There is no connection between any of the moderators and WhatsApp. However, All of these modifications add functionality that wasn’t there before. Visit our website to learn everything there is to know about the features and downloads of those WhatsApp mods. What’s new in the OG Whatsapp APK Latest Version for Android? Find out in the article below.

OGWhatsApp APK

OGWhatsApp APK Download

It gives you access to many services without compromising your privacy because it allows you to control who can view your profile photo, status, and information and who cannot. The customized version of WhatsApp Plus, known as OGWhatsApp APK Download, contains more advanced capabilities like deleting sent messages and hiding your online status.

This Newest Version of WhatsApp will be in 2023. WhatsApp is the most well-known and widely used messaging program on mobile devices, and it immediately comes to mind when we write the word. Since it is so famous and well-liked among adults, kids, and, most significantly, teenagers, it hardly needs an introduction. More than 500 billion people use WhatsApp, which is growing every second.

As a result, it is one of the most reliable and adaptable messaging tools, and in addition to sending messages, we can share movies, photographs, GIFs, and stickers with our friends. When WhatsApp was first introduced, it only had a few features, but as technology developed, each update gave us gifts as each element improved. The modified version of WhatsApp, known as OGWhatsApp, surpasses even the features of the original app.

What’s unique about OG WhatsApp?

As I previously mentioned, many WhatsApp mods add functionality not found in the official app. However, as you are aware, using some of these mods may result in an account ban; the unique feature of OG WhatsApp is that it is anti-ban, in contrast to GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it lacks features; there are plenty of them, and we’ll review them all below. To give you a hint, the OG WhatsApp App has a message scheduler, which is fantastic and for which you will get an explanation further down. Don’t just download the Updated Version without first reading the release notes.

Compared to the other Whatsapp versions, OGWhatsapp, FMWhatsapp, FouadWhatsapp, GBWhatsapp, AeroWhatsapp, and WhatsApp Plus stand out for their streamlined interface and user-friendly features. As we are all aware, Whatsapp lacks some essential advanced features. This is why, besides the fundamentals, OG Whatsapp APK includes some cutting-edge features that were absent from the original Whatsapp. This app has many helpful features that won’t compromise security or privacy.

OGWhatsApp APK

What Is Ogwhatsapp?

Despite having many capabilities, OGWhatsApp still offers some that WhatsApp still needs. OGWA is another name for OGWhatsApp. It provides us versatility by enabling us to hide our online status, turn on the do not disturb mode, delete messages after they have been sent to our friends, personalize the icons, switch between many different themes, adjust our privacy settings, and enable anti-ban features.

Any flaws and viruses previously present in WhatsApp are gone in this version. We try to provide all the information about OGWhatsApp in this article. On our website, you can also find a download link for it. Click that link to download and set up this program on your smartphone. You will be compelled to remove the original WhatsApp app from your cellphones after using OGWhatsApp and seeing its advantages for yourself.

The app is called OGWhatsApp and has the most recent version up to this point. It is 48 MB, memory-friendly, and requires Android 5.0 or higher to install. It was most recently updated one day ago.

OGWhatsApp Features

As stated earlier, the list of exclusive features of OGWhatsApp includes the ban protection feature, do not disturb mode, and privacy options. May many features are valuable to some people and beneficial to others. Now we’ll describe each component in more detail so you will know the elements to make better use of OGWhatsApp in your devices. The OG WhatsApp App has a wide range of features listed below. These capabilities are currently growing with each update. The OGWA 2022 APK has many features you won’t find in the stock WhatsApp. If you want to download OGWhatsApp APK for your Android device, familiarising yourself with the app’s features is a good idea.

  • The OG WhatsApp App Is Ban-Resistant WhatsApp Mod allows you to send up to 90 pictures simultaneously.
  • having dual account access on a single device
  • Message scheduler
  • Now it’s possible to record conversations.
  • Status can contain up to 250 characters.
  • Downloader for internal status
  • Can make calls to people who aren’t contacts
  • The maximum allowed length for a group name is now 35 characters.
  • A lock option is built into OGWhatsApp.
  • Support for more languages and emojis
  • Can block calls from specific contracts
  • Launcher icons can be changed.
  • Regular updates


Being banned from the official WhatsApp website must be painful if you are one of the people who use the modded version of WhatsApp; however, this OGWhatsApp update is free of any banning properties, so you are protected from being banned. Using a temporary number when using OGWhatsApp is advised because exercising caution is preferable to be banned. You can download and use this program on your mobile devices without worrying about being blocklisted. Regarding WhatsApp mods, the latest version of the OG WhatsApp app includes an anti-ban feature. Most of these improved editions, including GBWA, WA Plus, etc., have the drawback of account bans. However, installing and using OGWhatsApp APK will not harm your device. However, your account may be banned if you routinely use modded features that WhatsApp Officials find intolerable. As such, exercise caution when using it to avoid getting your account locked.

Messaging Scheduler

We all know that because of our hectic lives, we occasionally forget significant milestones like someone’s birthday or anniversary. By creating a pre-built message planner, WhatsApp has addressed the users’ problems and made their lives easier. You must enable this feature on your mobile devices to send scheduled messages to your loved ones.

Enter the message and recipient’s information, then choose the day and time you want the message delivered to your loved ones. This will ensure the news gets to them on time and prevent them from forgetting key life events. The message scheduler depends on internet accessibility, and the device needs internet access to send a message at that moment.

Unless our internet connection is active, we can schedule the sending of any message at a time when we won’t be using the phone. This is a unique function of the OG WhatsApp App that the official WhatsApp app doesn’t offer. Additionally, using this function is risk-free. Never be hesitant to use this OGWhatsApp feature. Even when you aren’t using the device, you can schedule any message for any chat at anytime. Meetings, for example, can benefit significantly from this feature.

Make Calls

By using OGWhatsApp, you can make calls to unsaved numbers. If you’ve been using WhatsApp, you should know the constraint of saving numbers to call that number. Still, you will no longer need to perform that, as OGWhatsApp allows you to conveniently make calls to unsaved numbers. Such an attribute has gained popularity among many OGWhatsApp users.

In-build Status Download

You are aware that the standard Android version of WhatsApp does not allow you to download the status of your friends or other contacts, but OGWhatsApp gives you this fantastic choice for built-in status download features. You can download and share the quality of your loved ones by turning on this option. You can store your status in your smartphone gallery to access it later. One of the best features one can currently request is this one.

We can post a lengthy status update in OGWhatsApp. We love that the status length limit has been raised to 250 words. We can include a lot of information in a single status update. Additionally, the most recent version of OG WhatsApp allows us to download anyone’s status quickly. People who enjoy saving statuses will find this feature invaluable so they don’t have to take screenshots or do other time-consuming tasks to download images, videos, etc. These days, it only takes a few taps to complete the task. Get OG WhatsApp for Android right now.

Increased Characters

The minimum character count previously allowed for status updates has been increased to more than 200 characters. You can write a status update over 200 words and post it to your narrative using OGWhatsApp. With fewer characters to express our message, it eliminates the need for several status updates and has appealing qualities. One of the most excellent features that one might request is in OGWhatsApp but absent from Simple WhatsApp.

Set Group Name

Until recently, WhatsApp only lets you give the group a name of up to 20 characters. It needed to be more because some group names are longer than a letter. Therefore you had to reduce the number of characters to fit the group name. There’s no fuss anymore because OGWhatsApp allows you to name your group with up to 35 characters, which is more than plenty.

Backup feature

The backup feature is more crucial than any of the other features. Any messaging app won’t meet our expectations if it doesn’t include a reliable backup option. Because of this, just like the official WhatsApp, the OG WhatsApp also has a feature that enables us to quickly access our most vital records, photos, and other files. However, data backups should always be a top priority. This feature is useless if you don’t back up the data.

Copy Status

Using a standard WhatsApp program, you cannot share or copy someone else’s status to a third party or copy it to your clipboard. Because we have to input every status update manually, it is incredibly unpleasant and takes a lot of time. By using OGWhatsApp, you may copy your friend’s status, paste it to the clipboard, and send it to any other external source like Facebook, Instagram, or another social media application, saving you from having to type the status of your friends you like. More people are using this tool because it saves time and is so helpful.

Block Call

You can prevent a particular contact from calling you by turning on this option. We occasionally become irritated when somebody we know or don’t want to receive calls from repeatedly calls us. You can ban calls from certain people on OGWhatsApp, and you won’t get their calls in the future. This saves you time since it lets you immediately block that contact when calls are frequently disconnected. As a result, you might stop getting calls in the future.

Send Up To 90 Images

Normal WhatsApp only allows you to transmit 10 to 30 photographs at a time, and it takes a long time to transfer larger files and more images to your pals. With OGWhatsApp, you may simultaneously transmit up to 90+ photographs to your friends, saving time and preventing weariness from repeatedly sharing pictures from the gallery with your contacts.

One of the most incredible features that OGWhatsApp offers is this. When compared to third-party alternatives, the official Whatsapp lacks functionality when it comes to displaying images. It can only send about 10 photos simultaneously, but using OGWA will increase that capacity. You can send 90 photos at once using the OG WhatsApp App. So, don’t stress over the number of images. Send them one at a time.

Whatsapp Locker

We don’t want to share messages from our loved ones on WhatsApp with another circle. When others hold your phone to make calls, they won’t be able to open WhatsApp and check your messages because there is an inbuilt locker for encrypting your private notes. We all need privacy, and OGWhatsApp offers the best solutions available thanks to an activated WhatsApp locker that gives you your privacy. You are also spared from having to lock your mobile device using multiple privacy programs.

We now have an inbuilt lock feature in the most recent update to OG WhatsApp. You can secure any conversation using this function. This is an excellent option for those who prefer to keep their chats between themselves and the person they are chatting with private. OGWhatsApp allows you to lock them and remain secure. Unfortunately, the official WhatsApp app lacks this fantastic feature.

Some Things To Know About Ogwhastapp

OGWhatsApp is not created by the team behind the official WhatsApp program; instead, it is made by independent developers. Their terms and conditions of privacy forbid it, and if they discover these unauthorized accounts, they prohibit them. Therefore, you must use OGWhatsApp with extreme caution. This most recent update has anti-ban features, and all the bugs and viruses are eliminated, so you are protected from getting banned by the official WhatsApp developers.


What’s New in OGWhatsApp APK Latest Version

  • New Base Updated
  • New stage layout
  • New and Unique Emojis
  • New version history log
  • The issue with the Google Play stickers has been resolved.
  • Theme search crashes have been fixed.

Many bugs and crashes have been fixed in the latest version of OG WhatsApp. When we try to search for themes and add stickers from the play shop, it sometimes crashes. But the latest update fixes these crashes. OGWhatsApp has a new base and set design. This version has new emojis.

How to install OGWhatsApp APK on Android

The OGWhatsApp Android application package (APK) and a simple installation guide are presented here. You should read the installation instructions before making any changes to the file you downloaded. This OGWA modification has a high failure rate because people don’t read the instructions first. To install it correctly, please refer to the steps below.

OGWhatsApp APK
  • If you want to install OGWhatsApp after downloading the APK file, you must allow downloads from unknown sources on your Android device. Because OG WhatsApp is not distributed through canonical channels, we must make this choice available. Navigate to settings > security > permissions > enable the unknown source to allow installation from unknown sources.
OGWhatsApp APK
  • After allowing apps to be installed from untrusted sources, you’ll need to find the original WhatsApp APK file on your Android device. To do this, access your device’s storage, tap Downloads, and open the OGWhatsApp APK file. Simply click the “Install” button and hold for a moment. A good device will get the job done faster than a potato device. I apologize, but the installation must be completed before you can use your device.
OGWhatsApp APK

This concludes the installation process. Just download the original WhatsApp app, register for an account, and start using all these cool features immediately. You might want to read on for a bit longer before leaving this website. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OGWhatsapp an official application?

WhatsApp isn’t an official application; third-party users develop it, and it is known as a modded version of WhatsApp. These modded versions have more advanced features than the official WhatsApp interface, but although they violate its terms of service, they may be Terminated.

From where can I download OGWhatsapp?

Third-party users develop these modded versions of WhatsApp and therefore are unavailable on the Google Play store. They are only available for download at our website, and we have posted the link for downloading OGWhatsApp. Click on that link to get WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

Is OGWhatsapp free to use?

OGWhatsApp is entirely complimentary for use. To use it, you need to download the application on your Android cellular phone, and you are free to do it now. You do not require extra money to take advantage of its outstanding features.

Will I be get banned from using OGWhatsapp?

Because OGWhatsApp is created by third-party users rather than the official WhatsApp developers, utilizing these modified versions can get you banned. If WhatsApp discovers any unlawful actions occurring online under the guise of their program, they may ask for these accounts to be blocked. Therefore, you are likely to be banned.

Will I be able to communicate with other people who use the official version?

Yes, you can speak with other owners of the official version of the WhatsApp application. It does not restrict communication with other app users; you can use your license to coordinate conversations with them.

Using OGWhatsApp APK will never ban us?

OGWhatsApp is safe, unlike many WhatsApp Mods, but using its illegal features violates WhatsApp’s policies. It’ll ban our account. WhatsApp mods are not affiliated with WhatsApp, so using features not allowed by WhatsApp Officials will ban our account. To avoid getting banned, use OG WhatsApp.

What is Mod APK?

Mods are altered software. These modified versions may be related to the original application, like WhatsApp mod OG WhatsApp. The original had fewer features. It’s not official WhatsApp, either. Third-party developers mostly create these mods.

Is it safe to use OGWhatsApp?

As I mentioned, OGWhatsapp’s normal features are fine, but your account may be banned if you use features that violate WhatsApp’s terms and conditions. This won’t harm your device. No root is needed, either. Download the latest version and try it. I hope you enjoy it.

Can I use the same account for official Whatsapp and OGWhatsapp?

The official Whatsapp and OGWhatsapp APK can be used with the same account. However, there is a small catch: the Whatsapp web client will not launch if you try to access your account through that method. Repeated attempts to log in will result in the same results. That way, you won’t be able to sign in to both WA and OGWA with the same credentials. However, if you are patient enough to log in and out of the same account repeatedly, you can make it work.

From where can I download the Latest Updates of OGWhatsApp APK?

The most recent upgrades are available on our website, which you can visit. We have updated our mods to the newest versions. Furthermore, getting hold of them is a breeze. You are aware that our APKs are easily downloaded with a single tap. The latest updates are always available on our website, so feel free to visit us whenever you need them.

Is OGWhatsApp available for my iOS device?

For now, WhatsApp’s original version is only compatible with Android. However, you could download GBWhatsApp, which is also a modification of WhatsApp. We’ll keep you posted on any developments regarding the OGWA app for iOS as they become available. Up until that time, you should use only the official WhatsApp.


The beautiful features of OGWhatsApp include a do not disturb mode, privacy settings, the ability to change themes as you choose, customization options, the ability to send scheduled messages, and the ability to hide your online status. These qualities are more than enough to meet one’s needs. So why are you still waiting? To use these features, Download OG Whatsapp on your smartphone.

This article has educated you on OG WhatsApp APK. Many enhancements weren’t included in the canonical release. In addition, it has a fantastic anti-ban feature for a customized version of WhatsApp. A WhatsApp account can be banned if its user uses features that WhatsApp considers unsafe, as detailed in the service’s terms and conditions. As such, please employ caution when employing it. You can get the most recent version of OG WhatsApp from our website right now, and it’s free. In that case, why delay any longer?