YoWhatsApp Apk v9.74 Latest Version Download for Android (Yousef) 2023

YoWhatsApp Apk 9.74 is the most popular WhatsApp Mod, and many users search for its latest version daily. Therefore, we have decided to offer those users the top content on our website. Everything about this fantastic Mod is available in one location. Many people look online to download the YoWa Apk mod for their smartphone. However, the majority of Google-accessible websites still need to update their apps. The latest version of the Yousef Yo WhatsApp app for Android is available here, though. We’re doing everything we can to stay current with the latest version.

YOWhatsApp APK
App Name YOWhatsApp APK
Publisher Gbwhatsap.org
Size 47 MB
Latest Version 35.36 MB
Root Required No
Installs 1,000,00+
Required 4.0 and up
MOD Free
Update 1Day ago
Get it On Google PlayStore
  • YOWA V18.70
  • YOWA V19.00
  • YOWA V19.60
  • YOWA V20.40
  • YOWA V9.62
  • YOWA V9.52
  • YOWA V9.11
  • YOWA V9.25

We update our website immediately with new APKs when the developer makes them available. I hope you know the YoWhats App developer, Fouad Mokdad, who is hard at giving you all the features his app can offer. YoWa Apk is a trendy mod. You get a ton of extra features in this Mod that are not in the official app offered on the Play Store.

Yousef Al-Basha created this app, but he has since stopped working on it for a number of personal reasons. The future development of this apk has now been picked up by another developer named Fouad Mokdad. Mokdad also manages other popular mods like FMWA and GBWA. You can download the most recent Yousef Yo WhatsApp Apk version for Android and use it on your smartphone. You will adore this Mod because it is the best one overall; I can assure you of that. I’ve tried all the alternatives before making this claim, and I assure you that the outcome will be the same.

A hugely popular social media platform, WhatsApp is used by billions of users worldwide. The use of this app greatly simplifies chat for regular people. Anyone can send a message to someone in seconds without using much internet data. As a result, people are no longer required to spend money on SMS. However, it still needs many features that its users would find useful. Because of this, some open-source programmers created their own highly functional WhatsApp Mods. People adore their mods because they have many helpful features added to them. One of the apps created by Indonesian Yousef Al-Basha is YoWhatsApp. You can find a list of all features and a link to download Yo WhatsApp in the section below.

YoWhatsApp APK

Because of its features, YoWa is becoming adored by millions worldwide. Do you want to learn more about its features? Don’t worry; I’ll list its features in the section below. However, if you only want the gist, it offers many privacy features, including hiding messages seen with the blue, double, and last seen ticks. You can view messages that the recipient has deleted for everyone. Amazing? People are compelled to download Fouad YoWhatsApp because of this. There are a lot of other mods on the Internet, but Fouad YoWa is the best.

Because of its Anti-Ban feature, Yo WhatsApp is the most popular Mod available. Regarding these mods, WhatsApp is very strict, and users who use modified versions are banned. Because of this, many users stopped using mods and switched back to the official app. However, because Mokdad’s Mod is Anti-Ban, WhatsApp cannot recognize its features. Even YoWhatsApp users began having their accounts banned in the earlier versions, but developers later released the latest version with the Anti-Ban feature. You can now use YoWhatsApp without worrying about being banned. Any smartphone can be used to download and install the app.

This incredible app is only available to smartphone users. What about iPhone and iOS users? Unfortunately, there is no app like YoWhatsApp for iPhone, despite the desire of many people to do so. Many websites claim to offer YoWhatsApp for iOS/iPhone if you search for it on Google, but once you click on their website, you realize they duped you. With these subpar strategies, they only use their website to generate revenue. But because we don’t want to deceive our readers, we have already answered your initial question. Installing any mods on iOS is impossible due to its strict security measures. Because of their privacy, iPhones are used by the majority of wealthy people.

You don’t need to worry if you have a smartphone. This app is simple to download and use on your phone. There are no restrictions on the smartphone OS, so you can also install any other readily available mods. The only option for iOS users who want to enjoy this Mod is to purchase an Android phone. There isn’t another ploy or choice. Therefore, avoid being duped by fake websites and save time instead of looking for the same.

Fouad YoWhatsApp 2023 (FouadYoWa)

The new creator of YoWa is Fouad. Yousef stopped working on his mod for a variety of reasons. You don’t need to worry about it, Yowa users. Why? Because Fouad assumed responsibility for the app, it is now known as FouadYoWa or simply Fouad Yo WhatsApp. We’ll continue to provide you with fresh updates here. You will always have access to all the features listed in our app.

Modified apps are top-rated because they offer more features than the original versions. So, if you’re looking for the best WhatsApp mod, we suggest you check out YoWhatsApp (YoWA), which YoBasha created. We promise that no other mod that is currently available online has these features. Additionally, the developer updates his app every month. The app adds new features with each update. Because of this, users adore it, and this app outperforms all its rivals. You are losing a great opportunity if you have yet to try YoWA.

YoWhatsApp Apk is the best option if you want to choose a Mod that has the most features. Well, many modified apps are available online, but not all of them are very helpful. You may have used GBWhatsApp in the past. GBMods created one of the best WhatsApp Mods. However, Yousef Al-Basha has since arrived with a Boom and taken over as the moderator in place of all others. YoWhatsApp (WhatsApp yo) has become the preferred WhatsApp app among all users. In the past, we also shared an article that explains “What is YoWhatsApp?” in detail.

Yousef With a fantastic strategy, YoWhatsApp entered the world of WhatsApp MODs. He keeps adding new features with each update. You can see the number of added features in each more recent version. YoWa is easily defeating other WhatsApp MODs for this primary reason. Leave the opinions of others aside; I switched from WhatsApp Plus to YoWhatsApp. What is the cause? This change is a result of YoWA’s fantastic features and support. You will agree with me after using it on your smartphone once.

Following its launch, YoWhatsApp was shared on hundreds of websites’ blogs. However, the majority of them last updated their articles a while ago. This indicates that they had the original copy in common. All those who experienced the same annoyance are annoyed by this. After thoroughly examining numerous websites in the search results, we created our blog on YoWhatsApp. YoWa offers all of its current and previous versions for free sharing. With the latest version, we’ll always be present. YoWhatsApp’s most recent version can always be downloaded from our website.

What is YOWhatsApp Apk?

Many people use Yo WhatsApp without using its privacy feature because of one of its best features, YoThemes. Which is that? The themes for this moderator are YoThemes. You can apply the theme you want to your app by downloading it from their gallery. Many people wish that WhatsApp’s official design had changed because it is so dull. Download YoWhatsApp Apk is the best option for these individuals as well. The app’s awesome themes added by the developer are one of the main reasons people adore this mod. No additional app needs to be downloaded to apply themes. This function is a built-in component of the app itself. Alternative phrase: click & use feature.

YoWhatsApp has a lot of rivals, including GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. However, FouadYoWa outperforms them all in terms of features. Yes, these rivals are very old developments, but now Fouad Mokdad, who previously handled GBWA & YoWa, is handling both. So, we can’t say that these apps are currently in competition with one another. The developer adds new features to ensure users enjoy the app. They no longer require two or three mods to use various features. Therese Al-Basha Yo WhatsApp is a popular app among fans of mods.

Yousef YoWhatsApp is your only option to use the best mod without worrying about being banned. You can get this fantastic mod to your smartphone using our single download button. Many websites make users navigate four to five pages before showing the download button. But as we’ve clarified, downloading Yo WhatsApp only requires two clicks (yes, just two). Two clicks are required because we differentiated the main downloading page.

Why YoWhatsApp APK Over The Official WhatsApp?

WhatsApp provides us with the most outstanding possible service without making us break a sweat. Using its user-friendly application, we may transmit our pal’s enormous vital files, papers, images, videos, messages, and current locations. One of the modified versions of Yo WhatsApp enables its users to take advantage of all available features. Even better than the official WhatsApp app, it has excellent functionality. You should download this app on your mobile device and learn more about its increased features.

What’s New in YOWhatsapp Apk?

  • The most recent version of YOWA is based on the stable release.
  • The message box now includes a direct translation option.
  • To remove “Read more” and display long messages, it has a new attachment selector option.
  • When you forward a statement, the forwarded icon does not appear.
  • The counter text colour can be changed.
  • YoWhatsApp’s app has ONE user interface.
  • To mark the status as seen, click.
  • Without using an aeroplane or flight mode, you can disable the internet for YO WhatsApp and still enjoy DND.
  • It has an emergency mode built in.
  • You can send your current location with ease.
  • It is an anti-ban mode. Your WhatsApp account will not be deleted as a result.
  • Messages can now be replied to by swiping.
  • You can participate in group video chats.
  • With just a few clicks, you can change the display name of any contact or group.
  • When listening to voice notes, you can turn off notifications.
  • After you respond, you can display blue checkmarks.
  • You can conceal the identity of your chat partner using the YOWA.
  • You can see how much space each conversation uses.
  • For any contact, you can turn off calls.
  • The number of people you can send ahead of you has been increased to 250.
  • Zip files can now be used to load themes.
  • Selecting the status caption and clicking “Copy” will copy it to your clipboard.
  • Updated the Anti-Ban.

Features of YOWhatsApp

The YOWA App receives newer updates with enhanced features as time goes on. What new features does the most recent release of the YO WhatsApp app have, then? The top new features of the latest version of YOWhatsApp Apk are listed below.

Many key functionality enhancements have been added since the App’s inception. The features will be presented to you in bullet points. Here are some features.

More than a hundred languages are available in this App. You can communicate in multiple languages as a result. Your preferred language is available to you. Additionally, the App now supports Azerbaijani.
Any saved or unknown number calls can be blocked. The original YoWhatsApp APK does not include the call block feature. You have more control and privacy thanks to these features.

The YoWhatsApp APK’s background can be customized with an image that serves as your wallpaper. Your communication improves visually.

  • With Android 5.0, this App now supports White navigation, which adds new features and improves user experience.
  • New layouts and themes are constantly being added to the theme library. And there are countless designs and hues from which to choose.
  • Themes can be created and saved automatically.
  • It is a zip file that makes moving themes from one device to another simple.
  • A neat feature is the ability to customize the font colour of each team member’s name. Additionally, it has a pleasing aesthetic.
  • Your call FAB has been added to your call screen. This feature is not present in the original App.
  • The ability to customize the tick colours adds a new dimension to communication.
  • Fantastic bubbles have been added to the App.
  • You have more discretion and privacy when communicating by hiding your online status.
  • You can send up to ten images to your contacts in a single text message. Only four images are allowed in the original App.
    File sharing works quite well. With just one message, you can send a 700 MB file.
  • The blue tick can be concealed if desired.
  • The tick style and bubble style can both be changed.
  • Blue is the colour of the interface by default.
  • Pressing the camera button for an extended period will send high-quality images.
  • With YoWhatsApp APK, you can customize the App’s title bar to display your name.
  • More than a thousand conversations can be saved.
  • The chats can also be hidden using a fingerprint lock.
  • The App now has a call privacy option. You can now choose who you want to call.
  • The font style of the name and status can be changed.
  • The App has a group message counter.
  • You can get in touch with Online Toast.
  • Hundreds of emoji are available in the library for your selection.
  • Groups and chats can be made private.
  • You have 250 characters available for your status update.
  • Profile images can be zoomed in.
  • The App’s icon can be modified.
  • The new update eliminates all known issues with the previous build.


The YOThemes are one of the first things you will receive. There is currently a large selection of themes available on YOThemes. So, with just a tap, you can quickly choose a theme from various categories and apply it to the WhatsApp mod. This feature is invaluable because the stock WhatsApp app has few personalization options.


Emoji variants are included in YOWhatsApp. As a result, this app will provide you with a wide variety of new and exciting emojis. These emojis are simple to use in your daily conversations with loved ones. These emojis are only available in the YOWA app. As a result, you won’t be able to get it use WhatsApp and any other mods.

Send Large Videos

As you know, WhatsApp only allows you to send videos up to 100MB. You’ll also need to split your video into two parts to send it as a larger file. With this WhatsApp version, however, this is different. You can send videos up to 700MB at once with the help of the YOWhatsApp Apk. Therefore, sending movies and other long videos is no longer an issue.

Anonymous Messaging

As you know, WhatsApp does not allow you to send messages to contacts without saving their number. With the latest version of YOWhatsApp, you can send messages to anyone without saving their contact.

Default Lock

WhatsApp’s lack of robust privacy settings is one of its most significant flaws. For example, there is no way to protect your chats with a password. And a third-party app is required for the task. However, the YO WhatsApp mod includes a built-in lock feature, so you won’t need to download any additional apps for Android to keep your WhatsApp conversations safe. This feature supports fingerprint lock and can protect your conversations with a passcode or pattern lock.


Yousef Al Basha sensed the importance of privacy and created this modified version in response. Nowadays, individuals are so interested in other people’s lives that they want to snoop about them and prevent them from living their own lives freely. WhatsApp does not give us the complete protection and privacy we need; instead, it makes it simple for outsiders to snoop into your life. This is not a significant concern because WhatsApp has updated its privacy settings to allow you to maintain your privacy.

  1. Freeze Last Seen: Use YOWhatsApp to freeze the last seen. If you enable this option, no one can view your previous location or pry into your business.
  2. Who May Call Me? You can quickly get in touch with anyone at any time. Turning on the “who can call me” function can restrict calls to only your close friends and family whenever you choose. You let a select group of pals call you while blocking others. Unless you are extremely busy, we advise against using this tool frequently as it could occasionally result in an emergency.
  3. Hide View Status: If you turn on this feature, your friend won’t know that you have seen his status, and you can hide in it.
  4. Anti-Delete Messages: Options for anti-deleting messages. You can read the statements if you enable the anti-delete message option because your friend won’t be able to erase them. Now that WhatsApp permits others to erase messages accidentally, you can see the message your friend deleted if you activate this function.
  5. Anti-Erase Status: WhatsApp now enables you to delete status following its rules; however, if you facilitate entry delete status in YOWhatsApp, your buddy cannot delete that status update.
  6. Show Blue Ticks After Reply: You are now so busy that you occasionally forget to reply to messages, making you and your friend appear at odds. With YoWhatsApp, you may read statements without making the text blue or letting your friend know you have already read their message. The letters turn blue only after you respond to him; this is a great feature.


You can customize WhatsApp following this feature. Your chats, discussion screens, and texts may all be customized. You can modify the chat screen and flag important messages.

  1. YoThemes Store: You can purchase items from a theme store named your theme store, which is there. It is one of the go-to places for many people sick of the same old dull routine. More than 4,000 themes are available in the store; you can choose your preferred theme.
  2. Personalize Your Home and Conversation Screens: YoWhatsApp allows you to personalize your home and conversation screens. People are going crazy about the ability to tailor WhatsApp to their liking.

YoWhatsapp APK

YoWhatsApp supports more than a hundred languages, and you can choose the language of your preference. If you become tired too quickly, this function is for you: change the launcher icon. With YoWhatsApp APK latest version, you may customize the launcher’s icon by changing the default.

Universal Mods

  1. Conversation: Android 5.0 or higher is required to execute the Cards in recent memory functionalities. If you click on the current and discover the chat, the chat reduces to just cards according to the feature. Outstanding quality That.
  2. Swipe left to right to end the dialogue screen: YoWhatsApp allows you to complete the chat you’ve been having with your friend by snoozing from left to right.
  3. Message counter badge from the launcher and home screen can be enabled or disabled: When the notification window appears, you can activate or deactivate the counter badge from the land home screen. Some people find it annoying, but you can turn it off by heading to your settings.
  4. Turn off audio playing notifications in the status bar in WhatsApp: You can stop audio from playing in the notification status by deactivating this option in the settings.

Home Screen Mods

  1. Set your name in place of the WhatsApp text on the app’s home screen: You may modify WhatsApp’s text size on the app’s home screen to whatever you like by setting your name in place of the WhatsApp text.
  2. Adjust the font size on the home screen to your preference by navigating the settings menu: You can also use this menu to conceal the chat divider and eliminate the grey line separating the chats.
  3. The Chats Divider to Hide: You can check which of yours by contacting online using this feature.
  4. Reach out online Notifier: You get informed once your contact logs on.

Conversation Screen Mods

  1. Set custom wallpaper for each contact: The discussion screen mods are one of the most excellent features for people who grow bored too quickly. On WhatsApp, you can set your background or the wallpaper of your contacts.
  2. You can hide the photographs and pictures associated with contacts’ profiles on WhatsApp: When you enable this function, their profile images are hidden, leaving only their names visible.
  3. Hide Contact Name and Call Button: By turning on this function, you can conceal the contact’s name and the call button.
  4. When copying messages, hide the date and time: When you copy a statement, the date and time are included in the duplicated message. It occasionally gets grating and doesn’t improve things. You can copy the letters and hide times and dates in YOWhatsApp.

Other Exciting Features Of WhatsApp

  • Send Full Resolution Images Here: View Images By boosting and expanding the image resolution, full resolution enables you to view photographs in their entirety.
  • Send More Than Ten Images at Once: Using the official WhatsApp program is no longer necessary to send more than ten images simultaneously.
  • Send Videos Up to 700 MBs: Previously, sending videos more prominent than 700 MB to your contacts was not feasible.
  • Integrated WhatsApp locker: An integrated WhatsApp locker is available, and you can lock your application by turning on this function.

Download YoWhatsApp Apk v9.74 Latest Version For Android

As mentioned in the previous section, the downloading button will be discussed in more detail in the following section. It’s time to discuss YoBasha’s mod packages and variants in detail. After reading this section, you can quickly Yo WhatsApp download For Android by choosing the right package and variant.

The only package currently available is the YoWhatsApp com. yowa package. The official developer Yousef stopped working on the project, and the new developer, Fouad, is only working on one box at this time, so there are currently no more packages available.
You are only permitted to use one YoWhatsApp on your smartphone. Previously, three packages called com. yowa, com. wa, and com.yowa2 were available. But since the developer stopped releasing additional packages, only the first one is now available. Every new user should be aware of this before using it because many websites still need to share outdated packages on their websites while neglecting to update their content.

You won’t need to worry about anything if you download Yo WhatsApp Apk from our website later. We consistently updated our link with the most recent version before anyone else. So why would you go to another website when you could download the most current version right here? You’ve now successfully downloaded the mod to your mobile device. But can you install it yourself? If you’ve never installed mods, no issue. Let’s start by outlining the prerequisites for installing and downloading YoWhatsApp for Phones.

Download Yo WhatsApp 2023 By HeyMods

We have chosen to share the YoWa By HeyMods download link on our website.  We promise to provide Yo WhatsApp Apk Download Link for the latest version with all our readers.. We do not advise using this mod because it is not the original YoWa mod and is filled with advertisements. Click the download button below to begin the download on your smartphone.

Have you already downloaded the app from the link above? I’m hoping you said “yes.” If your response is “No,” please comment below. We will assist you as soon as we can. New links will be updated when a link becomes invalid or a new version is made available. This implies that up until the launch of our website, you won’t experience any issues. Comment below if the link doesn’t work, and we’ll reply immediately.

Download YoWa for iPhone/iOS

Would you like to get YoWa for iOS? We understand how much you want to do this, but sadly, you cannot. Why, then, did we choose this title? This title is intended to draw your attention to this paragraph, which will clear any confusion. We want to dispel your misconception that iOS mods are not available. All of the websites that distributed iOS Yowa download links are scams. Therefore, avoid being taken in because they might have shared a malicious app in their links.

You have to accept this as the truth. The fact that this mod is only available for Android and not for any other operating system shows how transparent we are with our readers. Therefore, you can get an Android app if you use iOS and want to use this mod. There is no other way to suggest it to you.

How to Install YoWhatsApp Apk on Android?

As previously stated, you can install it just like any other Apk file if you already know how. But if you’ve never installed an APK file on your phone, don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the process. Check out these steps to install Yo WhatsApp mod on your phone. We’ll also include screenshots for each step to help you understand it better. Follow these simple steps to install and restore WhatsApp Backup to YoWa so you don’t lose a single chat.

  • Start the YoWhatsapp Apk download for Android using the button we’ve provided.
  • The Apk file is in your mobile device’s download folder. Check it out in your file manager.
  • The “Install” button will appear when you click the Apk file; tap it.
  • You must wait until the installation process is finished after it begins.
  • When the installation is complete, you will see the “Open” button; tap on it.
  • Voila! YoWhatsApp’s debut appearance is right here (not precisely, but you’ve been edging closer). The phone number you want to use to access your WhatsApp account must now be entered.
  • If that Sim card is installed on the same phone, it will automatically verify your mobile number unless you confirm it with the Time Password (OTP) sent to it.
  • You can only access this option if you have previously taken a backup of your old WhatsApp and WhatsApp’s latest version. Now it will ask you to restore your old backup. We already told you in the requirements section to take a backup.
  • Click Next after entering your Name & Profile Picture.
  • Once everything is finished, YoWhatsApp is ready for use, and you can now explore its unique features.

Isn’t that so simple? Yes, installing the Yousef YoWa Apk on Android is very simple. We still shared these steps with you to clear up any remaining questions about the installation procedure. We hope you now understand that installing Apk files is nothing special. Following these steps, you can immediately install any Apk on your Android smartphone.

How To Update Yo WhatsApp To AntiBan Version?

Yo WhatsApp’s developer worked on and released a new antiban version, 9.74, due to the widespread banning issues experienced. To avoid the ban issue, you are kindly asked to update it as soon as possible. Here’s how to create your own YoWa Antiban.

  • Utilize the FMMODS settings to take a Full Backup.
  • To prevent data loss, copy the “YoWhatsApp” package folder to a secure location.
    Get rid of YOWA.
  • Install version 9.74 (links are provided above and below).
  • Enter the phone number and use the OTP to confirm.
  • Bring the backup back. That’s it. This method prevents your WhatsApp from being blocked by updating to the most recent version, 9.74.

Yousef Al-Basha created the wildly popular MOD application YoWa. A few months after its release, the Apk took control of many smartphones. The upgraded version of the official WhatsApp is Yousef’s YoWa. Numerous additional features you have never seen in your WhatsApp application are included. Yo, WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are very similar, but WhatsApp is still far superior to it. This incredible app is unmatched by any other modded app. It increasingly appears in search results daily, demonstrating how quickly it expands. This blog lets you easily download the most recent YoWhatsApp Antiban (WhatsApp yo).

One of the most popular chat programs on the planet is WhatsApp. But it needs more practical features. YoWhatsApp, or YoWa Apk, has cutting-edge features exclusive to this mod. We all begin looking for the same Modded WhatsApp app online when we want to try it out. Right? Yes, and Google then starts to make you look foolish. Most websites that appear in search results only exist to make money; they are not concerned with the needs of their visitors. Because of this, downloading Yousef YoWa Apk is not always straightforward. However, we are here to answer any questions about this app. This modified app has a lot of helpful features.

YO WhatsApp APK Old Version

Even if an app is outdated, it may still be useful. Because they are familiar with it, many people still use the old version of YOWhatsApp.

Here is a collection of every previous version of YoWA if you want to download it.

  • YOWA V9.71
  • YOWA V9.70
  • YOWA V9.65
  • YOWA V9.63
  • YOWA V9.62
  • YOWA V9.52
  • YOWA V9.11
  • YOWA V9.25
  • YOWA V18.70
  • YOWA V19.00
  • YOWA V19.60
  • YOWA V20.40

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp is an application developed by third parties. It is not an application developed by WhatsApp’s developers. The code link to download this app is unavailable from the Play Store, but you can download the app straight from our website.

Is YoWhatsApp Safe?

The current version is secure for your phone. The earlier versions of WhatsApp were worse and filled with bugs and viruses, and it was slow and crashed the systems of many people, but after the Update of YOWhatsApp, the new version of 2023 is safe, and there is no data loss.

How Can I Update My YoWhatsApp?

The link provided on our website is up to date, and you can install it on your phone that is up to date, and you are safe from scrolling the net to get the most recent version. Worry not regarding the updates of WhatsApp because YOWhatsApp gets updated as soon as the Google Play Store is updated.

How do I install YOWhatsApp?

After downloading the YO WhatsApp, you must find the file on your Android device and tap on it. The installation procedure will then begin. After you tap the install button, the app will be installed on your device in a flash.

Is it safe to use YOWhatsApp?

Your messages and contacts will still be stored on the official Whatsapp servers, so you can use them without worrying about security. Just make sure you get it from a reliable source.

How to update YOWhatsApp?

The YOWA application itself is not downloadable from the Google Play store. As a result, you should periodically check for updates. Plus, you must update your phone whenever a new version is released.


Our YoWhatsApp APK has so many functions that they can’t even begin to be listed. It allows you to use the features no other customized version has ever offered. Download your smartphone’s newest version of WhatsApp (2023) and utilize its capabilities. In addition to the features, it has an anti-ban property, which is one of WhatsApp’s most substantial benefits because it prevents you from being barred by WhatsApp’s official developers even if they discover your account on WhatsApp.