WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest (Updated) v17.40 Official Anti-Ban 2023

Many users utilize a well-known MOD version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Plus APK which is just as popular as GBWhatsApp. If you want WhatsApp Plus’s latest version, you’ve arrived at the right place. The only website that provides popular WhatsApp Mods like GbWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, FouadWhatsapp, and others, as well as WhatsApp Plus APK Download, is WhatsApp Plus. Download the most recent APK for WhatsAppPlus from our website.

When cell phones became widely available, instantaneous, global communication via text message ushered in a revolutionary new era. It completely altered how things were done. The security of communication then became an urgent requirement.

New solutions were developed as a result of this need. Because of this, WhatsApp entered the market and quickly became very popular. Currently, it has attracted the attention of nearly a billion users. However, this article will inform you about WhatsApp Plus APK, a related app with expanded capabilities. Thus, the use of end-to-end encryption in all forms of communication is now possible. Please read the article in its entirety. To learn more, continue reading.

In addition, there are no hidden fees associated with using Whatsapp Plus APK, so there is no need to worry about shelling out any additional money. With Whatsapp Plus APK’s incredible features, this messaging APK app is the best way to wow your friends.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

I use WhatsApp Plus for various purposes, including using several accounts, hiding my online status, and hiding blue-viewed ticks, all of which are supported by this APK. Even I use WhatsApp Plus to dazzle my friends with the best features. I hope your needs are similar to mine. You are at the proper place if you also want a wide variety of WhatsApp themes, several accounts, and the ability to disguise your online status.

On the same smartphone, those who use GBWhatsApp can also use WhatsApp Plus, which can be used simultaneously. People believe WhatsApp Plus is no longer functional and is not worth using. It still functions. However, I strongly advise against using Whatsapp Plus with your actual number. Download Whatsapp Plus Latest Version MOD APK from our site to learn more about WhatsApp Plus safety precautions.

It is a similar app that functions precisely like WhatsApp. And it first appeared on store shelves in 2012. Rafalete, a senior XDA member and developer, modified the WhatsApp app to create this app. He modified the core program and added a fresh user interface. The original App’s logo was green, but it has been changed to gold. Later in the article, we’ll get into the specific new capabilities and features that Rafale introduced. Are You Also Seeking Aero WhatsApp APK? All messages sent and received with this app are encrypted from beginning to end. And it has all the features of the original App.

It’s an app that functions similarly to WhatsApp. Also, it first appeared on store shelves in 2012. This app was developed by Rafalete, a senior member of the XDA developers’ community, who modified the official WhatsApp app. The core programming was rewritten, and a fresh user interface was added. The original App’s logo was green but has been updated to shiny gold. In the following sections, we will explore the additional capabilities and features that Rafale incorporated. Do you want to check out Aero WhatsApp APK? Messages sent and received with this app are encrypted from beginning to end. And it has all the features of the original App.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

It has the same functionality as WhatsApp but a different design and user interface. The WhatsApp Plus app is a fork, or “MOD Version,” of the original WhatsApp messaging service. Rafalete, a veteran of XDA, created this cutting-edge modification. He modified the WhatsApp APK’s source code, added new features, and then released the updated version as Whatsapp Plus. Compared to GB WhatsApp, this is a significant upgrade.

Because this is a modded version, it cannot be found in the official Google Play store. You can get it from our site; independent app will handle the updates rather than the WhatsApp team. While surfing the web, you’ve likely encountered various Whatsapp Mods, such as GB WhatsApp Pro, FMWhatsApp, and Fouad WhatsApp. The main issue is the need for more faith in our ability to provide authentic APKs. Therefore, confidentiality and safety are not issues.

This App uses end-to-end encryption for all messages sent and received, and it has all the features of the original App. You can use the newly redesigned user interface and other useful features in your regular routine.

Instant messaging, like all networked applications, has vast design potential. Instant messaging can be used for anything from conducting business online to having casual conversations with friends and family or even starting your own business.

When we need to shed some light on instant messaging, the first app downloaded onto newly purchased smartphones is always WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the one App on our phones that we take the most extraordinary precautions to keep private. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not have many options for privacy and customization.

What if we made massive improvements to WhatsApp? Yes, we did that with a recent update to WhatsApp called WhatsApp Plus. It’s a free modified or “MOD” version of WhatsApp made for messenger guys who are really into instant messaging but have grown bored with the official version after discovering some strange new features online.

With WhatsApp Plus, you can use your favorite messaging app freely without worrying about privacy or security. The chat system is end-to-end encrypted, so only the people involved in the conversation can read it (even if one of them isn’t logged in).

The new user interface is stunningly beautiful because it was designed from the ground up with a focus on simplicity, making it easier to have meaningful conversations with people physically distant from one another across borders. Blue WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Plus Reborn are two additional options.

Everyone today uses WhatsApp or another similar messaging app. It’s a great way to keep in touch with loved ones far away. It’s widely available and requires no special training to operate. It’s a popular choice because of the variety of options it provides. Thus, competing businesses responded by developing similar apps. Third-party apps refer to software developed and distributed by companies other than the original developer. GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus are just a few examples.

One example of such a third-party app is WhatsApp Plus. It’s a version of WhatsApp optimized for Android devices, with several features not found in the original App. These additional functions are aimed at enhancing the App’s appeal and utility. You’ll need to install the WhatsApp Plus APK to gain access to these other functions. This App is not affiliated with or endorsed by WhatsApp or the original WhatsApp developers.

You can get some features unavailable in the official WhatsApp by downloading WhatsApp Plus, a fork of the original App. It extends the base app’s capabilities with many new features and personalization settings. Modifying the App’s visual style, concealing the user’s online status, and other options fall under this category.

One of WhatsApp Plus’s best features is that it can be installed without gaining root privileges. Instead of installing a custom ROM, most people opt for this tweaked version instead of installing a custom ROM, which adds several useful new features.

Why Use WhatsApp Plus?

It’s a tweaked version of the original WhatsApp messaging app. It provides extra functionality and personalization options not found in WhatsApp itself. Some people prefer WhatsApp Plus because it gives them more control over the app’s aesthetics, letting them change the theme color and font size, for example.

Some people use it to conceal their online presence or download the online statuses of other people. People have many different motivations for using WhatsApp Plus, each of which is unique to their own set of circumstances and preferences.

But there’s a new app out there called WhatsApp Plus. It has all of the features of WhatsApp, plus some extra ones. If you’re in the market for a new app or considering making the switch from your current one, you should give this one a try because it has features that other apps don’t, such as end-to-end encryption, higher quality photos, voice messages even when there’s no internet connection, support for animated GIFs, video calls, and so on.

Is WhatsApp Plus APK legal?

There are serious concerns about the legality of the situation. This app was taken off the Play Store, but it is now back and available for download. Some sources didn’t get the best response when they contacted the WhatsApp team for clarification. This app is illegal and unsafe, according to the WhatsApp team. The government, however, has been silent on the issue. Because of this, the status of legality is murky. This App is on the so-called “grey list,” which means it is neither legal nor illegal.

Take advantage of this application, WhatsApp Plus, with many distinctive features you don’t receive in the original edition of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus APK Features

This app is functionally identical to WhatsApp, sharing the same underlying structure and features. We will highlight the most noteworthy new features for you.

Hide online status

This handy feature of Whatsapp Plus MOD allows you to hide your online status from other users. If you enable this option, no one can observe your online activity. In the original App, users complained that they were constantly interrupted by friends and family members while trying to watch something online. And that’s why WhatsApp Plus has a feature that lets you stay hidden. Your status can be concealed from anyone or any group you choose. Newfound flexibility in secure messaging was made possible by this choice.

Hide blue ticks

People in Whatsapp Plus receive one tick when a message is sent, two ticks when it has been delivered, and double-blue ticks when it has been seen. People won’t notice a blue tick in your chat when you switch on this feature.

Advanced File-Sharing Option

Due to the exciting tension among data distributors, the original WhatsApp only supports files up to 16 MB. Users will appreciate the ease with which this app facilitates the transfer of files up to 50 MB. This App also allows for individualized file sizes between 2MB and 50MB. The original App does not include the more sophisticated file-sharing choice.

Writing Status

You can change it under WhatsApp Plus’ privacy features if you do not want other people to be able to see your writing status.

Recording status

Like your writing status, you can hide your audio recording state from other users. The latest version of Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus APK, comes with a handy new function that allows you to conceal your recording status from your contacts.

Sticker Packs

Use our website to download hip, trendy sticker packs for your WhatsApp Plus chats and status updates.


This fantastic app has an incredible feature in its limitless availability of wallpaper. Everyone enjoys having a personalized wall; now, you can also have beautiful wallpaper on your chat screen.


The latest version of Whatsapp allows you to designate auto-reply messages. Use it to set this message and disregard the ones that you get. Whatsapp Plus has developed this feature to make life easier for its users, but it is currently only accessible through Whatsapp Business Accounts. This function allows you to specify recipients for an automated reply and then send it to them.


This feature is unique to MOD versions of WhatsApp, and not all of its WhatsApp variations permit it. It is the home page feature, allowing you to customize WhatsApp with a theme of your choice. There are various themes to select from. Those who download this app will have the option to customize it with themes that are not only original but also flexible and aesthetically pleasing. Every aspect of the user interface can be altered to suit individual needs.

The text, buttons, and background images are all customizable. No changes can be made to the original App. Because of this, selecting the appropriate visual style is made simple with this App. As of now, the App supports more than 700 different skins. Additionally, additional theme downloads are unnecessary. By default, this app will download the skins and neatly catalog them according to their name, release date, and version number.

Fonts and style

Whatsapp offers a massive selection of distinctive fonts that match anyone’s taste. I can assure you enjoy the look of everyone.

More emoticons

Emoticons add a human touch to the original App’s chats. This app, however, has expanded its library to include additional emoticons. It now includes support for Google Hangouts’ emoticons for more expressive conversations. The catch is, however, that there is a catch. The smileys are exclusive to WhatsApp Plus users. If you send an emoticon to a device running the original app, the recipient will not see any updated emoticons.


  • Your online status can be hidden.
  • Blue ticks and delivery ticks are concealable.
  • The writing status might be hidden.
  • Your recording status can be concealed.
  • The blue microphone can be covered.
  • Your view status can be hidden.
  • Anti-revoke can be enabled and disabled.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus APK

App Name WhatsApp Plus APK
Publisher Gbwhatsap.org
Size 52.3 MB
Latest Version 17.31
Root Required No
Installs 7,000,00+
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Update 1Day ago
Get it On Google PlayStore

What’s New in v17.40

  • [Improved] Improved Anti-Ban Protection (More) Anti-Ban For Individuals Receiving Repeat 1 HR Ban
  • [Added] Other Corrections and Enhancements
  • [Added] Load Custom Font Updated “Msg A Number” UI Design Choice To Hide Status FAB Cutter (1- Choose “Custom” as your font style, and then use “Load Font”).
  • [Added] Titanium Mods Backup Updated Daily Automatically
  • [Added] Added the ability to hide the save and mark seen buttons on the status page. Option to remove the camera icon from the top bar of the home page (Mods > Home Screen > Header)
  • [Enabled] Edit Messages
  • [Activated] Home View for Contact Story [Activated] See Status From the Contact Information Page
  • [Enabled] All Users Can Send Captions With Documents
  • [Enabled] Make Your Own WA Avatar (Like Bitmoji)
  • [Enabled] Proxy Settings are under Settings > Storage And Data.
  • [Enabled] Keep Messages Option (Long Press Any Message) When Disappearing Mode Is Active
  • [Improved] Status DP Ring Acquires Color of Status Ring.
  • [Fixed] Forward Crash / Auto Reply
  • [Fixed] Numerous Custom Status Icons.
  • [Fixed] Some User Crashes Following Restoration
  • [Fixed] Issues with WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock
  • [Fixed] “Forward To” Option for Hidden Chats.
  • [Fixed] Option for Conversation Cards (Multi Chats)
  • [Fixed] Some Phones’ Voice Note Playing Crashes.
  • [Fixed] Translation Error for “Copy Select” in Chat Menu
  • [Fixed] Translation Error for “Copy Caption” in the Chat Menu.
  • [Fixed] Block recent, viewed, and muted updates Optional Status.
  • [Fixed] Some Entries Incorrectly Display the Payment Icon.
  • [Fixed] Not Working for Hide Typing & Recording Privacy (Now Merged)
  • [Fixed] Several entries and a new attached UI Correct Gallery Not Opening.
  • [Fixed] When using the stock entry style, there is a blank space on the side.
  • [Moved] Download Box With Story Reposting Option.
  • [Misc] Other Corrections and Enhancements.


How to Install WhatsApp Plus APK on Android?

The WA Plus 2023 app has just been released for all of our tech nerds, and you can download it right away from the website provided below. It’s a sizable app with all your desired cutting-edge capabilities in WhatsApp, including sizable themes and an editable user interface.

You can also download and install this most recent mod as a handy app on any Android device. If you have never used a WhatsApp modification before, let me walk you through downloading this peculiar application.

  • Since WhatsApp Plus isn’t a Play Store app, you must first enable the third-party installation feature on your Android device.
  • You must access the Settings app and locate the security options to accomplish the same.
  • Look for the Unknown Sources installation or unknown sources tab in the Security settings.
  • Clicking on the Unknown sources will cause a pop-up window to appear.
  • On the pop-up notification, choose Allow or Enable.
  • Download the most recent APK file from the previous section after enabling the installation of third-party applications.
  • Open the system or a third-party file manager app to direct the apk file to the Download folder or any other download location after the download.
  • When you click on the APK file, a pop-up window appears.
  • Tap the Install button in this pop-up box, then wait for the installation to finish. (In highly configured smartphones, the installation process typically takes 1-2 minutes or is quick.)
  • The setup is finished! Find the app in the app menu now, then launch it.
  • Send all mandatory permissions that WhatsApp needs to function, including Storage, Call, Camera, and Gallery.
  • You’re now ready to go. Enjoy the most recent version of WhatsApp Plus and its fantastic features. Download themes to change the look and feel of the app. All of the Controls are now in your hands.

Is WhatsApp Plus Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

  • The redesigned WhatsApp Plus app was created exclusively for Android devices.
  • Even if you search the Google Play Store for the same app, you won’t be able to find the Plus version because WA Plus is a scripted application that disobeys several Play Store rules.
  • WhatsApp Plus is unavailable for iOS users to download on any Apple device, including the iPad, iPhone, or iMac. Future iOS updates for the Plus version are extremely unlikely.
  • You can use this app on Windows-based computers, so there’s that. You need an Android emulator like Bluestacks to accomplish that. You can follow the instructions above to download it on an emulator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WhatsApp Plus safe to use on Android?

Yes, using the WhatsApp Plus app on an Android device is safe because it has no vulnerabilities. The tools and app interface are identical to the official WhatsApp messenger in this straightforward WhatsApp modification.

Is WhatsApp Plus compatible with iPhones?

No, WhatsApp Plus is only compatible with Android devices running 4.4 or higher. Any device running a different operating system than Android cannot use it.

Can WhatsApp Plus be banned?

Several scripts for advanced functionality are included with every modified application. The same is true for WhatsApp, which has a variety of hands and MODS that aid in customization and adding extra features. It’s an anti-ban app, but you must use a demo or unauthorized account for security.

Can WhatsApp Plus be installed without being verified?

The Google Play Store’s primary prototype, Play Protect, basically scans Android apps before installation for errors or violations. On most devices, WhatsApp Plus can get around it, but if you’re having trouble installing it, you should first disable Play Protect in the Google Play Store settings.

Why can’t I find WhatsApp Plus in the Play Store?

An outside developer creates it. Unfortunately, it isn’t available on PlayStore due to copyright and license issues.

Can I continue to use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus simultaneously?

You cannot maintain simultaneous WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus installations on the same device.

Does the WhatsApp company create WhatsApp Plus?

No, the WhatsApp company did not sponsor the development of this unofficial app, which independent developers created.

Why can’t I find WhatsApp Plus in the Play Store?

A third-party developer created WhatsApp Plus. Unfortunately, it isn’t available on PlayStore due to copyright and license issues.

Do iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry devices also support WhatsApp Plus?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp Plus is currently restricted to the Android operating system.

How can I switch themes?

You could always design and personalize your theme. With WhatsApp Plus, you can change the look and feel of the entire app and every single aspect.

More themes, where can I find them?

Themes can be downloaded directly from the WhatsApp Plus theme store server hosting or look for articles online.

If I use WhatsApp Plus, will I be blocked?

In the newest updates, no, but uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it if you were banned.

Can I password-protect a specific chat or my entire WhatsApp Plus profile?

You can password-protect any particular chat and the entire WhatsApp Plus program.


WhatsApp Plus may be your app if you want more customization options and space to share large files. However, if you prioritize privacy over style, WhatsApp Plus may exceed your expectations. You should think about the benefits and drawbacks before making a final choice.

In closing, this essay is about WhatsApp plus the most recent version. I strongly advise against using your primary account with the app, as this could result in a ban. Before downloading the most current version of Whatsapp Plus APK, you must read about temporarily banned accounts on the safe usage page of our website. For the most recent versions of WhatsApp Plus and other MODs of WhatsApp like GbWhatsapp and YO Whatsapp, keep checking out GBPlus.Org.