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FMWhatsApp APK, a fork of WhatsApp, will be the subject of today’s review. The post will go over the benefits, drawbacks, and features. You’ll need to pay attention if you’re looking for a good book.

Is FMWhatsApp APK the most recent version you can get on Android? If so, you have found the right website. In this post, I’ll provide download links for the most recent build of the FM WhatsApp app. Let’s jump right in; there’s no time to waste.

FMWhatsApp APK
App Name Poweramp Mod APK
Genre Casual
Size 50.51 MB
Latest Version 11.0
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Price Free
Update 1Day ago
Get it On com.hafert.ImposterAssassin

WhatsApp has the highest number of active users compared to other instant messaging apps. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, among other exciting features, makes communication extremely secure. For Android users, we have also provided the most recent versions of popular WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp Apk, OGWhatsApp, WhatsAppPlus, FouadWhatsApp, and YOWhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp APK

Today’s technological society cannot function without adequate means of interaction. Generally speaking, numerous new messaging apps emerged on the market together with the rise of the smartphone. Individuals use various apps, but WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular means of contact. You can use it for any form of messaging and remain completely anonymous. But it’s in our nature to always seek more. This is why programmers are making WhatsApp-like apps.

What is FMWhatsApp APK?

You won’t find a better-tweaked version of WhatsApp anywhere else. Foud Apps is responsible for its creation (the developer is FoudMakkad). He developed the app with various functions and released it to the public. While you won’t find it in the official Google Play store, you may get this App through a trusted third-party source. However, due to the prevalence of malware and viruses on third-party websites, you should exercise caution when downloading the App.

Compared to GBWhatsApp, FmwhatsApp is a clear winner because of its ability to conceal your last seen, delivery report, online status, and other interface symbols. Thanks to the library’s extensive selection, you can choose from a wide variety of available themes.

As a result of its widespread adoption, numerous forks of WhatsApp have been created by programmers. However, Modified versions of WhatsApp typically add new functionality to the original program.

One such WhatsApp Mod application, FM WhatsApp, adds many extra features to WhatsApp that aren’t present in the original version. Fouad Mokdad, its creator, inspired the name. People also refer to FM WhatsApp as Fouad WhatsApp, FMWA, etc.

One reason the WhatsApp FM app is so well-liked is that it allows users to change the look and feel of WhatsApp to their liking. As an illustration, users can alter aesthetic elements such as speech bubbles, typefaces, and colour schemes. Users can also make use of pre-made themes that have already been created.

Why Should You Use FMWhatsApp APK?

You know this App is based on WhatsApp, but it has been altered in several ways. Why, then, should you make use of it? In a nutshell, it’s to use the enhanced visuals and additional functionality that weren’t included in the first version of the App.

This app gives you complete control over its settings so that you may tailor it to your preferences. The green colour scheme of the original App, Want WhatsApp Group Links Chek HERE, is not to everyone’s taste, but that may be changed in the customized version. Such ease of use may lead to experiencing a sense of aesthetic fulfilment.

The updated version serves no other function except to deliver a better experience for the user by including new and improved functions.

FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp APK Features

There are dozens of great features built into FMWhatsApp APK, and listing them all would make this article unwieldy. As a result, we will only discuss the most valuable aspects of the app below.

Below, we’ll go through the newest version of this app and all the new features and improvements it brings.


Due to its customizable features, FM WhatsApp is quite popular. You have complete control over your screen’s appearance, down to the smallest detail. The theme store also offers pre-designed themes that you can download and install. Thousands of high-quality themes created by users and developers are available in the FM WhatsApp theme store. Additionally, you can alter the theme to your liking and then add it to the collection.

You can do the following using this app.

  • You can change the original App’s green aesthetic to any other colour or design from the available options.
  • Use your library’s tens of thousands of available slots to store whatever number of custom themes you create.
  • The App’s icons can be customized by altering their colour scheme and iconography.


Are you concerned about your last seen and don’t want anyone to know? Stock Although WhatsApp does have a feature that lets you hide you’re last seen, doing so prevents you from viewing the last seen of other users. Thankfully, the app enables you to save your most recent sight. You can set a completely arbitrary time as the last time anyone has seen you online. The good news is that you can view when your contacts were last seen.

Here are some steps you may do to protect your anonymity online.

  • You can hide your last seen, blue ticks, and double ticks by adjusting the privacy settings in the app.
  • Unlike the original App, you can disable the video calling function entirely.
  • To protect your app from being used without your permission, utilize the app lock. As this is the case, you can rest assured that your data is safe.

Exclusive features

When using the standard version of WhatsApp, you can turn off the read receipt option to avoid sending the blue tick, which also stops you from receiving blue ticks. Some people can handle it, but others can’t help but be curious. For those in this situation, FM WhatsApp provides several excellent choices.

  • Even if you turn off WhatsApp’s read receipt feature, you’ll still be alerted any time someone reads one of your messages or status updates.
    Both the delivered and read receipt checkboxes can be hidden. If this is enabled, the sender will not know if their messages have been received. The same holds for receipts that have been read.
    You can also enable blue ticks after replies. When you allow this, when you reply to a friend’s message, they will see a read receipt instead of your response. I believe this is the best course of action for those who don’t want to hurt anyone but can’t make time for it.
  • Message recipients need not be stored in a contact list. With this app, you can contact people who aren’t in your address book.
  • Only three chats could be pinned in the original App, but you could pin a hundred with this one.
  • Unlike the original App, you can customize the colour scheme of the different sections.

No forward Option

Messages that have been forwarded are identified as such. These labels can be grating on occasion. The good news is that FMWA lets you turn off the forward tag completely.

Hide Status

Freezing your last seen is good, but do you want to hide the fact that you are online? FM WhatsApp recently added a feature that lets you conceal your current location. This will conceal both your typing and recording statuses and your online status. Downloading WhatsApp statuses is another frequently asked question in the WhatsApp community. Some people use external programs to download status updates.

Read deleted messages

Many users have begun abusing WhatsApp’s “delete for everyone” feature. Even though it usually doesn’t matter, it can be frustrating when someone deletes a message you have yet to read. As a result, many people turn to external programs to restore lost messages. However, using such apps may compromise your personal information. This is why I initially discouraged the use of such programs. Fortunately, FMWhatsApp APK includes a backup feature that allows you to retrieve messages you accidentally deleted. Not only that, but you can also view WhatsApp statuses that have been deleted.

Contacts who can call

It can be frustrating When people start calling instead of texting you. If you, like me, find WhatsApp calls annoying, this feature may be helpful. You can choose contacts who can call you using this feature. Nobody who isn’t on the list can call you, but they can still leave you messages.


The benefits of this app include the following.

  • A recipient cannot erase your communications because of this feature.
  • The library contains over a thousand different themes from which to pick.
  • Ten photos per message is the maximum permitted.
  • Up to 700 MB of data can be transferred at once.


A few of the App’s drawbacks are listed below.

  • The app’s lack of privacy is probably its biggest drawback. The programmer can see both your outgoing and incoming communications. Because of this downside, developers can potentially snoop on you and jeopardize your security.
  • One more drawback is the lack of quickness. This App’s functions are all slower than the original.

Download FMWhatsApp Apk Latest Version

This tweaked version of FM WhatsApp APK also includes many extra features. Some of FMWA’s finest attributes are outlined below.

You can get FMWhatsApp APK by clicking the download link down below. Using that will take you to the download pages for the FM WhatsApp app. With a few seconds, your download will begin. When you’re done, you’ll be one step closer to installing the FM WhatsApp APK on your Android or iOS device. If you’re an Android user interested in using chat bubbles similar to those found in messenger apps, check out these neat WhatsApp tricks.

Warning: Please let us know in the comments if you have trouble with the FMWA APK file or the download link. Our staff will investigate and make prompt efforts to resolve the issue.


  • DOWNLOAD FMWhatsApp APK v9.63
  • DOWNLOAD FMWhatsApp APK v9.62
  • DOWNLOAD FMWhatsApp APK v19.52.8
  • DOWNLOAD FMWhatsApp APK v19.52.6
  • DOWNLOAD FMWhatsApp APK v19.52.5
  • DOWNLOAD FMWhatsApp APK v19.52.4
  • DOWNLOAD FMWhatsApp APK v19.52.3
  • DOWNLOAD FMWhatsApp APK v19.52.2
  • DOWNLOAD FMWhatsApp APK v9.40
  • DOWNLOAD FMWhatsApp APK 21.00.0
  • DOWNLOAD FmWhatsApp APK v20.51.1
  • DOWNLOAD FmWhatsApp APK v20.30.1

How to Install FM WhatsApp App on Android?

Installing FMWhatsApp APK is relatively easy and similar to installing other mod applications, but some users still need help.

If you’re having trouble with FM WhatsApp on your smartphone and want to fix or prevent future problems, follow the instructions below. You can skip this paragraph if you can set up the app without any issues. If you have an Android phone, follow the instructions to install the FMWA APK.

You can’t install FMWhatsApp if you already have any version of WhatsApp (official or modified) on your phone, so remove all others before you begin.

  • Step-1: This version of WhatsApp requires that you remove any previous versions of WhatsApp from your mobile device. This FMWA APK can only be installed if specific prerequisites are met.
  • Step-2: Now, you’ll need to go into your phone’s Settings > Security menu and enable the option to install software from unknown sources.
FM WhatsApp
  • Step-3: Access the downloaded folder and double-click the FMWhatsApp APK file to get started.
FM WhatsApp
  • Step-4: You’ll be asked to grant some permissions. They must be allowed to prevent any installation problems.
FMWhatsApp APK
  • Step-5: The FMWhatsApp will be downloaded and installed on your mobile device in just a few seconds.
FM WhatsApp

That’s all there is to it. After installing the FM WhatsApp app, you can use it on your mobile device without problems.

Similar to creating a regular WhatsApp account, creating a Fouad WhatsApp account is simple. After entering your mobile number, you can use FMWA on your smartphone after verifying the OTP.

The best part about using FMWhatsApp is that you can rest assured that none of your chat histories will be lost because it is compatible with WhatsApp’s chat backup feature. It isn’t enjoyable to see that many other modded WhatsApp applications don’t have this feature, even though it’s not particularly powerful.


Currently, there are no issues with the original WhatsApp server setup. But if you get bored with your standard app selection, FmWhatsApp is an excellent alternative. This updated app version includes some enhancements that were not available in the original. Nonetheless, the modified version should be avoided if complete discretion and compliance with the law are priorities.

While the updated app improves upon its predecessor in personalization and flexibility, it still cannot ensure complete secrecy. With this information, we have presented you with every situation facet. The time has come for you to choose, and the results will be entirely your own. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks, then decide based on that analysis. Our help will be limited to pointing you in the right direction. Nonetheless, the final say is entirely up to you.

One of the most well-liked WhatsApp Mods available today is FMWhatsApp APK. The unique features in this modified version of WhatsApp that will not be available in the official version of WhatsApp any time soon are primarily responsible for its meteoric rise to fame.

Fouad APK’s regular security and feature updates are another plus. Unfortunately, most WhatsApp Mods don’t do that, leaving you with an out-of-date version of WhatsApp that is riddled with bugs.

However, you won’t be able to download the FM WhatsApp app from the Google Play Store because it has been altered. The only way to get the app and keep it updated is to get it from unofficial sources.

The good news is that whenever a new version of FMWhatsApp is released, you can always find it here. With that said, I will conclude this article. I sincerely hope you find it useful. Please use the comment section below to ask any questions you may have. Our team will respond as soon as possible.