Whatsapp Gold v30.00 APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023

Guys, hey! Are you familiar with WhatsApp Gold? You will love using this modified app because it has some incredible features. Instead of the official WhatsApp, you can use this mod to make audio-video calls and send images, videos, voice memos, and other media types.

If you are still getting familiar with WhatsApp Gold, read the entire article to learn more. Additionally, you can download the most recent version of WhatsApp Gold APK, complete with an installation manual.

Thousands of users rely on WhatsApp Gold APK, a reliable WhatsApp mod that gives us all access to more features than the stock version of the app. This model is available for various operating systems, including Windows, Android, and iOS. One of the most well-known programs on the internet, its user base is expanding daily.

Whatsapp Gold APK

A well-known WhatsApp mod called WhatsApp Gold has features that the stock version of WhatsApp does not have. Compared to the original WhatsApp app on your phone, Gold WhatsApp offers many more features. To give your app a fresh look, you can customize it as you please.

Abu Arab created this modified version of WhatsApp to provide users with many features and free them from the official WhatsApp’s constrained features and functions.

The WhatsApp Gold APK is a modified version of the original WhatsApp (green) version available in the Google Play Store. This version, v19.00, includes all of WhatsApp’s unique features. You can now preserve your friend’s reputation through WhatsApp Plus Abu Arab; turn off the internet connection application, hide while online, and view files—a feature no longer found inside the authentic version. Also, refrain from hiding ads, among many other features you’ll discover once you download WhatsApp Gold 2023.

Download WhatsApp Gold APK Latest Version

WhatsApp Gold APK

Features of WhatsApp Gold APK

It’s good if your phone is rooted because it offers many advantages. However, you can still download and install Gold WhatsApp APK on your phone to use it if it isn’t rooted.

After an internal review, the WhatsApp Gold APK extension was modified. What fans of WhatsApp want is contained within the app, thanks to its creators. As necessary, modifications and improvements have been made. As a result, this particular version of WhatsApp will allow you to experience everything, more so than some other variations entirely.

In 2016, WhatsApp Mod was downloaded. A few alterations have already begun. Choosing or downloading the main channel might be wiser if you frequently deal with WhatsApp scams. You can also tell me that the Google Play Store doesn’t have the WhatsApp Gold APK. This is an APK for a third birthday celebration, and you should only download it from the official website.

  • To all groups, send a message.
  • Modify the notification’s color.
  • You are the administrator, as evidenced by the conversation that followed the administrator.
  • The crucial gold screen in WhatsApp was given navigation results.
  • The advantages of obtaining WhatsApp Gold APK.
  • Installing the WhatsApp Gold app will let you try this since the official WhatsApp company no longer supports loading all other WhatsApp apps on the same smartphone.
  • In addition to adding features, WhatsApp Gold allows users to access the WhatsApp Gold APK model for privacy control.
  • Keep a close eye on and complete WhatsApp updates.
  • Please keep it to yourself because a few extra costs are associated with the superior capabilities available.
  • Additionally, you can obtain persuasive messages, such as movies, that can distinguish consumer information.
  • Until this point, not all of the approximate styles had become clear.
  • Some people claim that WhatsApp Gold Apk is a legitimate, trustworthy APK with excellent usability.
  • Additionally, some people want to block WhatsApp because some corrupted the APK.
  • It is generally advised against downloading pop-up movies, photos, and songs to the app.
  • Your records could be seized and turned into a dubious domain. Utilize the official WhatsApp app from the Google Play Store to protect yourself from scams.
  • The modern WhatsApp Plus Abu Arab model received a wide range of capabilities, including the following:
  • Others can no longer see those previously visible to others on WhatsApp.
  • Do not delete messages in a conversation so that other participants cannot delete their messages.
  • View everyone’s situation without trying to understand it.
  • Take a name and proof.
  • In “Typing” conversations, hide.
  • Lock the next photo, then close the app using your fingerprint, pin, or pattern.
  • App locking
  • Automatically respond to the message.
  • Choose the humans you want to include in the institution name after selecting the organization name from the “name” options.
  • Click on half of the icon to activate the dark mode and view the image below.
  • Click the net icon to turn off the utility.
  • Off the internet
  • Change the font and heritage colors to reflect better the reputation shown in the image.
  • Modify the history’s shade of gray.
  • Add a reputation for over 30 seconds, then select “Gold Add-ons” and “Multimedia settings.”
  • the situation, the longer

Chats can be hidden using the new Gold WhatsApp ability. As a result, you can conceal any chat without setting a password for it. Disable chat alerts first if you enable this option.


You can allow WhatsApp Gold to change the background image on all its screens and applications. Additionally, you can design your icons in your preferred colors for each group and a unique font for the entire application or just that particular group in WhatsApp Gold without any limitations on font size.


The privacy protocol that comes with WhatsApp Gold may be its most significant benefit. By hiding the read information in the app, you can stop the blue fragments from appearing as you read the message. When you view your contacts’ status updates, it also notifies them.

Blue ticks

We frequently receive and read messages but cannot respond for unknown reasons. What is the remedy? The blue dots will only show up when you reply to the sender and not just when you read the message after installing Gold WhatsApp.

User interface

Besides privacy, Gold WhatsApp lets you completely personalize your chat interface. There are very few aspects of the user experience that you will want to customize to your preferences, including font size, type, and color.

Delete Resistance

One of the most significant features Gold WhatsApp offers is once more Anti-Delete Status. A story will be deleted; no one can see if it is posted in the status section and then deleted after posting. However, using this WhatsApp mod, you can still view other people’s stories even after they have been deleted.

Anti-Delete Messages

If a sender decides to delete a message after it has been sent, the recipient will see “This message has been deleted. Therefore, they will not know which message the sender sent.” You will be able to view the deleted messages using this WhatsApp APK.

Schedule messages

With Gold WhatsApp, you can create a private message for a specific day and send it to a particular group of contacts on a specific date. The message will then be sent at the designated time and location. It is automatically sent.

Customize messages

This feature lets you organize conversations while receiving many discussions. It only displays the interface of the conversations that are enabled, though.

Sending multiple, large videos and photos: Multiple images and videos can be sent simultaneously. When you download the old version of WhatsApp, you know you can only send up to 30 images at once. However, when you download the new version of Gold WhatsApp, you can send up to 90 images at once, as well as videos and photos that are up to 30MB in size rather than 15MB.

Multimedia sharing

Some WhatsApp users have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality when sending files using the original WhatsApp system. When not compressed, These files’ size might prevent them from being transferred.

The file size restriction has been raised in WhatsApp Gold, allowing large files and lengthy videos to be shared without being compressed or divided into smaller pieces. High image quality is also ensured; there is no need to compress images before sending the service.

VPN Proxy Breaker

If you update WhatsApp Gold, you’ll notice a great new proxy or VPN activation feature has been added. This feature is helpful for people who use WhatsApp in certain countries where the app has call restrictions.

How to download and install WhatsApp Gold?

Installing WhatsApp Gold on your phone is simple. However, if this is your first time using WhatsApp Gold, you should still follow the instructions below:

  • Get the latest version of WhatsApp Gold APK by clicking on the download button.
  • Wait for the download to get complete.
  • Go to your phone settings and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Open to install the downloaded file in your phone’s Downloads folder.
  • Enter the required information, and your Gold WhatsApp will be ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhatsApp Gold?

WhatsApp Gold is a version of WhatsApp that has been enhanced with additional features. It was first distributed on the internet as a modified APK file, which is an Android application package file format.

Should I use it?

There is no conclusive response to this. While some claim WhatsApp Gold is a scam, others assert that it comes with extra features not found in the standard app. Now it’s up to you to decide if you want to take the chance.

What features does it offer?

A few extra features, including a better user interface and the ability to cancel messages, are available with WhatsApp Gold. A theme engine and more customization options are also rumored to be included. It’s difficult to say whether these features work without using them.

Is it safe to use?

The app’s security is questionable, despite claims to the contrary made by some users of WhatsApp Gold. There have been rumors that the app might have malicious code even though WhatsApp hasn’t officially released it. It is not advised to use the app until more details are released.


Choose Gold WhatsApp if you’re looking for a WhatsApp-like instant messaging app with more features; it will be the best option for you. You have been fully informed about WhatsApp Gold here. Therefore, download it to your phone and use it responsibly.

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